Safely Buckled Up in 2 Minutes with Volkswagen G1 ISOFIX DUO plus ‘top-tether’

Child Passenger Safety is of utmost importance to me, that is why I am going to talk about it again since my previous posts about how Volkswagen started an initiative that partnered with The Association of Registered Childcare Providers (ARCPM) to provide training for over 280 childcare centres throughout Malaysia on the importance of using proper child restraint when traveling in the car. Most of the time, I hear a lot of parents did not practice using carseats for their children from birth up to 36kg at least because of the fuss of installing the carseat and the fuss of buckling up the children especially when they are rushing to work in the mornings. But if your child will not sit steal then just look into get toys for three month old. Another reason is that children hate sitting in carseats and will start crying and fussing. Well, I want to show you how both reasons are myths!

For this demo, I am using the G1 ISOFIX DUO plus ‘top-tether’ provided by Volkswagen. This beautiful seat is suitable for children from eight months to about four years (9-18kg)First of all, this carseat is super high quality and also easy to install. It has pictorial directions on both sides of the seats.

If that is still not clear enough, there is a manual in the back pocket safely tucked away for easy reference every time.

The top tether belt is also tucked neatly behind the manual pocket.


However, my old car Myvi doesn’t have ISOFIX (which would have been even simpler) so I had to use the adult shoulder belt with latching clips folded down. Although made for Volkswagen, these carseats can be used in any car and on both sides of the back seat. To prove how fast it is to install, some more in the dark of the night, we took out the seat and photograph every step.

It was 7.34pm when John started to install it. Just a pull of the belt and all.

Put the shoulder belt through the clip to the other side to be buckled.

Pull it through to the other side and buckle it in. Clip the other side tight after pulling on the seat belt to ensure the seat doesn’t move about.
Finished at 7.35pm, only 1 minute seriously.

Then we bring out the model, Jordan who is 3.5 years old. Admittedly, he is at the last stage of growth to fit this seat, but he could still get buckled in. It was 7.37pm when he came out, ready and happy to sit on this throne. We had to tell him it was just for a pic and we are not going out for any stroll.

Carried him and put him on the seat, still smiling.

Put the two straps over his arms, still playful.

Buckle in the shoulder straps that are easily adjustable for height.

And jeng it was done, in 1 min at 7.38pm. You can check the EXIF of these pics in my Flickr for proof.

Jordan was super happy, he proceeded to blow me kisses, or what that some KPOP poses? Two MYTHS debunked!

My eldest boy, 6 is still seating in a carseat. Now the brothers would travel in our backseats side by side. The seat is also quite raised, which is great for Jordan who is short, to look out at the scenery outside. Yes, our kids do not play iPads in the car, due to it causing dizziness in a moving car.

If you are planning to have children, or have children from 0-36kg, I strongly encourage you, get an age appropriate car seat for their safety today! It is always better to be safe than sorry.

18 Responses to Safely Buckled Up in 2 Minutes with Volkswagen G1 ISOFIX DUO plus ‘top-tether’

  1. It’s true that child safety in the car is very important especially for infants 🙂 glad that technology has allowed maximum protection for the young ones..

  2. Nice to see VW coming up with their own child seat. With all the controversial news about how they cheat in their emission tests, this is something that is positive. Used to use the Recaro bucket seats for my children though as I prefer a rigid shell that allows my child to be in one position at all times when I decide to bring them to the race track.

  3. wow he is so cute. love his cium muka. Agree child seat is important, every car must have if have baby/toddler on board.

  4. Yes, it’s important to keep your child safe as you won’t know when an accident could happen and you don’t want your child wandering around in the back seat where you cant see him! 😉

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