Cooking Spaghetti with Ikan Brand Spaghetti Herb Sauce


Remember my steam fish recipe using Ikan Brand Taucu sauce, well today, it’s going to be western meal. Yes Ikan Brand has western meal sauce too! This is their Spaghetti Herb Sauce and it’s just too simple to cook with it. The other day, my kid suddenly ask for spaghetti, but I didn’t have the stock for any Spaghetti noodles, then I thought of just using this Vit’s Air Dried Noodles and the sauce. A kid wouldn’t know right?


First thing I do was to check the instructions which is always clear and easy with pictures at the back packaging. It says to cook the noodles first, take it out and then heat up the sauce, and just pour it on the noodles, together with other ingredients if I choose to add any.

I opened the packaging and inside there’s another small packaging.
So I cooked some noodles, no need to show right? I’m sure everyone knows how to cook some dry instant noodles right? I love using my IKEA 365 pot with the Ikea Stabil Pasta insert, just remove it and drain the water after it is cooked without leaving any noodles behind.

Since I have a double stove, I heat up my Chefel Flip n Cook Pan to heat up the sauce. I love using this pan even just for heating because it is really easy to clean and it is non stick.

It’s as easy as ABC, just open the packaging and pour into the pan and stir until it heated up.

As I wasn’t prepared to cook so I didn’t have any prawns, squid or any meat so I just added some canned tuna as protein to the sauce. Stir a little and it was done.

Unlike other jar Spaghetti sauces I had cooked with before, this sauce is really just sauce, you will not find pieces of tomato or onion inside. If you wish to have those, you better add them when cooking.

I poured an adequate amount of sauce onto the noodles and stirred it around and it was done. The colour is still light and looked quite different, but I tell you, the taste was awesome. The tomato taste was just nice without being too sour and it actually went very well with my dried noodles. This is one of the sauces I would definitely get again, and they are easily available in any supermarkets like Jusco, Giant, Econsave.

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