KL Fashion Week 2015 with Volkswagen and Alia Bastamam


KL Fashion Week 2015 (KLFW RTW 2015) ran from 12-16 August last week, and it was a most amazing week where all the fashionistas, stylists, designers, celebs, models walked the streets of Pavilion KL to witness a the latest collection of Ready to Wear designs by various designers from local and overseas.



I was delighted to be able to cover the Alia Bastamam 2016 collection show in an exclusive collaboration with German car maker Volkswagen, marking the automotive company’s first foray into the glamorous world of fashion. The beautiful Habanero Orange Beetle Club, just launched on Tues, 18 Aug made a very centre stage appearance there as well together with the Golf R and CC outside the entrance of Pavilion KL. This participation of Volkswagen into the KL Fashion Week proves the platform is all about creativity.

Catch a glimpse into the glam of the night by watching my compilation video.

Volkswagen Night as it was aptly named opened with a seamless video from Volkswagen to showcase how every part of the car is high fashion…VW finds itself befitting the night and opening our eyes to see how fashion, just like automotive share similar points of view. Thomas Wee, the invited Singaporean Fashion Designer opened the show, showcasing his unique Oriental and Japanese inspired gowns and suits.






The design were alluring sensuous and was a marriage of traditional and contemporary, with some that really stood out for me. Anyone who wears Thomas Wee to a formal event would surely turn some heads.


Finally, Alia Bastamam’s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection was showcased and it was apparent why this home-grown famed designer chose to work with Volkswagen.

“I am honoured to be collaborating with an iconic brand that I personally admire. It is amazing that we share an interesting thread of commonality,” Alia says.

Commenting on the collaboration with Alia Bastamam, “Alia is unquestionably one of the most established local designer, whose commitment to timeless and solid design perfectly complements our own philosophies. We are delighted to be exclusively debuting her Spring/Summer 2016 designs at the Volkswagen Fashion Night with Alia Bastamam runway show,” says Ms. Martina Berg, Marketing Director of Volkswagen Group Malaysia.

In my mind I was expecting Alia’s designs to be bright, sequinned, shiny and elaborate like bridal gowns, but it seemed for this new collection, she is toning down her palette to more pastel, natural organic colours, light and flowy, shades of butter and lilac, the likes of which, dealers like shoe hungry have encapsulated in their products. Guess what I love it. I have this sudden new craze for pastel colours too, which I had no idea I can carry, but now I believe I can.

Take a look at some of my favourites from her Spring/Summer 2016 collection.



“Over the years, we’ve garnered a wider customer base and it’s our responsibility to offer something for everyone. So for SS16, I’m including design for the modest woman. I love them and I love how they make modest fashion fresh and chic – I want to be a part of that for them because they’ve been so supportive of our brand,” she adds.

And I think Alia is super right and super smart, all the SS16 collection are true READY TO WEAR. I would choose some of them for my dinners and events as they are truly beautiful and looks comfortable as well. I love the pleated fabric, an edged play to the pastel shades and adore the loose silhouettes and string details that give a free and undone ease for a slight bohemian tone. All shoes for the night were especially designed for the show by Lewre Bespoke.

22 Responses to KL Fashion Week 2015 with Volkswagen and Alia Bastamam

  1. Nice really… I think my niece was there… She is close friends and also a huge supporter of Alia Bastamam … But then again she and me are world’s apart.. She has been born blessed… Unlike me… Huhuhu

  2. I love how cars and fashion are being fused together. Everyone wants to have a volkswager. But as a fashion girl my attention went straight to the clothes. I really love the pastel and earthly colours for summer, and the designs are very airy and elegant.

  3. Hmmm, I feel like the fashion has becoming much simpler and clean nowadays, kinda miss the old time where mix & match is the trend XD anyway I heard VW’s after sales service kinda… hmmm… haha, hope they do an improvement on that.

  4. Simplicity is always the best when it comes to fashion guess that’s what is trending right now. Can’t wait to see more colours and prints at KLFW2016

  5. y u no bring me!! hehehe. just kidding.

    I’m not fashionable enough to be present at events such as these :D.. maybe need to find a fashion guru for a makeover soon.

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