3 BOHO Fashion Looks For Women

If you realize the boho fashion is getting attention by women especially the young adults. The trendy hippy look creates that fashionable aura which exudes simplicity, chic and relax feel. The bohemian fashion trends is perfect for the ladies who want to try something new and be a little different from others. As there is an event ‘Cochella’ in the US every year, you can see various young ladies flaunting the bohemian look with class. Even though you are way over here in Malaysia, you can always perk up your outfit into a stunning bohemian appearance. There are various looks which you can pull together to get that bohemian charm. Below are three stunning boho looks which will definitely blow your mind away.

The Flower Crown Princess

Women who want to attempt that innocent bohemian look can try wearing a loose white lace dress and a nice flower crown as an accessory. The white lace dress together with the flower crown gives you that soft feminine approach which makes you appear relax and ladylike effortlessly. Who says you cannot rock the flower crown accessory into your fashion outfits? With the right ensemble, you can definitely get that princess like figure. Nice earrings bought at www.jewelerstradeshop.com will complete the look.

The Hippy Chic

Meanwhile, women who prefer a more casual hipster appearance can opt for the hippy chic look. Wear a scarf on your head, shorts, a loose blouse and loose cardigan to get that hipster outfit. To perk up the outfit for a more bohemian touch, slip on some coloured bangles and mess up your hair.

The Modern Boho

If you are the individuals who want to maintain a modern yet bohemian element in your outfits, create your personal bohemian fashion by wearing a nice pair of boots, statement jewellery and baggy outer wear. Walk in that boho inspired clothing and show off a different chill relax side of you to others. Although boho looks are seen as a simple laid back style, you can always bring it to the next level with your creative touches.

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  1. I like the hippy chic look. Simple. I love a flowing top, like the one in the example you showed. Thanks for sharing! I found your blog in a Mom Blogger Club share post. Look forward to reading.

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