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Some time ago, my sis invited me to try out, a new way to earn money while you shop. I thought this idea was fantabulous since I already do so much online shopping especially on fashion site Zalora! They also have amazing deals on Groupon, and good savings for Lazada and more nearly every month. Yes I get some vouchers from there but Shopback actually gives me back cash that can be redeemed into my bank account at the end of the day! How awesome is that? This has got to be the best news for us online shopaholics. This is how it really works.

1) Sign up an account at, I just use Facebook login to do that, saves the hassle of remembering another password.
Once you are signed in, you can see all the different stores that link from Shopback, for eg my favourite is Zalora. By the way, Shopback will work on any PC, laptop or Mobile, but do not use the Mobile App, coz then it won’t be able to detect what you shopped.

2) Click on the merchant that you want to shop at, for eg. Zalora here.

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Once I find Zalora on, click on it and this screen appears. It shows that I will get 9.0% cashback from my purchases there and it will be in my Shopback account tracked within 4 Hours. I will be able to redeem that amount to my bank account within 50 days. Fair enough? Usually I will shop at least RM75 above in Zalora to get the FREE SHIPPING, so that makes for an additional RM6.75 discount cash back, that’s a lot if you ask me, especially if you shop wisely and buy on high discount days.

3) Click the Red Button GET CASHBACK !

Shopback review

It will bring you to this screen, loading and then redirect you to As it says on the screen, DO NOT use coupon sites or coupons not shown in Shopback, and always buy on the same device you click through. Meaning don’t go and click the RED BUTTON on your PC and then go to your mobile to shop in Zalora, it doesn’t work that way! Common sense right, it won’t be able to track your actions! So just decide which device you want to use, and use just that for your shopping trip.

4) Wait For Confirmation Shopback Transaction Email

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Shop like normal and a few hours after you finished your shopping, you will get his email, telling you how much is your cashback from your recent transaction. This will happen within the day itself to let you check so you don’t forget what you have saved.

5) At this stage, you can just carry on with your life and wait until Shopback tells you how much you can redeem.


Shopback review

The great thing is you can request for payment into your bank account as soon as your cashback reaches RM10, no need to wait until RM100 like some other online earning services.

Shopback review


Oh I did not realise I had been shopping on Groupon a lot! I guess Shopback also helps you to track where all your money had been going!

6) Check and Cash Out!

Shopback review

I only started using in March, and I don’t shop that much also, but I already have RM30+ in my Shopback account, and I am able to redeem about half of that amount.

Shopback review

I just cashed out what I can cash out and I received another email to notify me of the amount. Another email will be sent to me to confirm that the cashout is successful, I waited around 5 working days and the cashback was really in my account!

SO there you go, I always love to save another buck when shopping and this is a brand new way to do just that. If you have supportive friends, invite them with your Shopback code and you and your friends will get RM5 immediately in your cashback account. Don’t wait, sign up today and start earning while spending!

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