Bros Sip Till The Last Drop


I must have bottles obsession, I just can’t get enough of bottles even when I have so many, I want more. So today, I got the Bros latest Sippy bottle. Actually I got it for Josiah. His current bottle is also a Bros but not a straw type. Sometimes he has difficulties drinking from his bottle while on the go or in the car, he will tend to spill water all over himself. So, it’s back the a straw bottle and the new range of Sippy bottle is just perfect.


This bottle is using a Flip top, so it’s so easy to flip and sip.

Flip and Sip Design

The straw inside is a one piece design, so when you sip, the straw is not bent and makes it so much easier to sip smoothly, you really have to try it to know what I’m talking about! I love that it comes in various sizes, and there’s a bigger one at 800ml which is just nice for my 6 years old. I don’t want him to have to carry too huge a bottle to school yet not too small so that he actually drinks enough.

I love the bottle cap design too, the middle part is rubbery and has the words Walk, Play and Drink protruding from it, the little details in their design is simply amazing. It retails at RM31.90 but I got it at Aeon for 20% off.

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