Why P1 ToGo®?

Using #p1mifi on the go to JB, Muar town has perfect reception @p1networks

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Recently, as part of P1 Online Media Associates, I get to review P1 Internet’s best To Go plan with their MX230 MIFI modem. I only get to use it for one month, but I already felt like it’s mine and I don’t want to give it back. So far I’ve taken it to so many places as I travel. I’d used it in my hotel room KL Dorsett Regency, Tune Hotel in Damansara, in two hotels in Malacca, and in Legoland in Johor. I managed to stay connected through out my holidays for the first time and I could post my instagram on the spot instead of waiting until I get back home. P1 ToGo is literally used to go! p1 internet Why Use P1 Togo? 1) Convenience as I can bring it anywhere. The modems can be charged and use for a whole day and can be used in the car, just leave it in my handbag or in hotel rooms where I don’t have to depend on the hotel’s slow wireless internet. You know how in some hotels, the modem is in the lobby only and you can’t get the line in the rooms.

Rain or shine, P1 Mifi is my best buddy to get connected on the go. @p1networks #p1mifi #p1internet A photo posted by Leona Lim (@leonalimdotcom) on

2) I can connect several devices at one time, P1’s MIFI Broadband modem allows connection from 5-8 devices. For me and my family alone, we connect 3 handphones and 3 tablets at a go, streaming cartoons and checking our social sites. I don’t have to worry about my own broadband quota not enough etc or the speed.


Unlike others, P1 To Go plan doesn’t have have a time quota. No such thing as peak hours and non peak hours, you can just use it anytime you want, I think that is really less deceiving and less headache. Who wants to keep up with what time when and all that. Come join me and be part of P1 Online Media Associates too.

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