Butterfly Beauty Box Review: Shizens Lip Tattoo

Butterfly Beauty box and Shizens lip tattoo

This is my first beauty product review! And I’m so glad the product I’m reviewing is Shizen’s Lip Tattoo because it is too easy to fall in love with this product. Watch my review video below to see how to use it and what I think about it. Read on if watching that is not enough to convince you on the star quality of the Lip Tattoo. Shizen’s Lip Tattoo is one of the products given to us in The Butterfly Project Christmas Party Beauty Box (which I will be reviewing all the rest of the products later). According the the product page on the Shizens website, Shizens Lip Tattoo adds a spread of moisture and relieves the formation of fine lines. It helps to lighten dark pigmented lips and gradually turn them into natural pink or rosy tones.

Initially, I was not too sure what a lip tattoo is, I mean, I have heard of lip gloss and lip stick, but a lip tattoo? Does it tattoo my lips?? Well, after using it, now I know why it is named like that. It is absolutely NOT Lipstick nor is it Lip gloss. The colour of the cream is white, but after applying it on your lips, or even on your face or skin, it will turn pink. The pink colour is different from person to person, it is following your body’s skin tone and temperature, awesome right? Also, I realised that after applying it, it makes my lips soft and smooth and it is not at all oily, it just feels like there’s nothing on after it dries. The colour also doesn’t stain or come off easily like lipstick. I used a tissue to wipe my lips and there’s no stain on the tissue. Amazing? If you are like me, one of the headaches of attending events and using lipstick is when after a meal, the lipstick just completely fade off. I guess we ate it while eating the meal. Then, we have to take the fuss to go to the ladies to apply it again, we can also apply in front of everyone but be accused of being too vain. So the Shizens Lip Tattoo just take away that fuss, once applied, it just stays on the whole day. You can add some shine by applying lip gloss if you want, but it’s just not necessary. The colour is very light and makes your whole look natural, so it’s so suitable for everyday use. I just took a look at my kids’ lips and since they are so young, their lips have that natural red and pink and shine, my old lips looked dry and pale already. So, lip tattoo, you just saved me.

Difference after lip tattoo Shizens

Here’s a close up to show you the difference of before and after.

Shizen lip tattoo before
Here’s how it looks from far…before applying anything.

Shizen lip tattoo after
You can see how it adds the shine and colour in the after photo without being too bright and too overpowering.

By the way, Shizens has a huge line of all skin care and makeup products. They also love doing giveaways on Facebook, so do like and join one for yourself.

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