Why Maxis #nextbigthing must be iPhone 6 & 6 Plus


Maxis Telco had been promoting #nextbigthing teaser on their social media platforms since the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on September 9, 2014. We in Malaysia are getting very restless about the date of the launch here after the first and second wave in other countries. Typically, Malaysia will be in the Third Wave. If you look at the history of the iPhone launches, it only gets earlier. The 4s was launched in Malaysia in December, while the 5S and 5C started selling here in November 2013, less than 2 months after the actual launch. Apple actually released a press release a month in advance regarding Malaysia’s launch date last year, will they do the same this year?

Anyways, regarding Maxis’s teaser above, a lot of speculations are saying that it could be referring to Samsung’s Note 4 as the term, Next Big Thing had been used by Samsung’s ad since a long time ago. Let’s not forget however, that the term was only used by Samsung to tease Apple in their ads, as Apple always has the One More Thing in their product launches. Thus, there is a difference, Samsung will tease Apple that they are always talking about the Next Big Thing that has yet to arrive, while Samsung claimed that their phones are The Next Big Thing Is Already Here. So, a slight difference there.

Maxis then showed this image in their website and asked people to ‘discuss’ and take a guess what they are going to launch soon. You can see that the jam is covered here, is it really Apple Jam? We can only guess. A Toaster and a jar of jam, I’d say, have nothing to do with Samsung.


Today, Maxis posted this, revealing that the jam is indeed Apple Jam. If you are shooting an ad pic, I’m sure you would really discuss what to put in the background and picture. It is definitely not a coincidence that Maxis decided to put one green apple on the above pic and another red apple on the label of the apple jam. Can it be any more obvious?

Get your credit card, cash, wallet ready, Malaysians. Stop looking for scalpers getting your iphone from other countries, buy it here so that Malaysia can be in the first wave release in future, stop helping other countries increase their per unit sales. Buy it locally where it will be cheaper! Meanwhile, my sources say that it be be in Malaysia 2-3 weeks from now or Early November.

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