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Well it’s a Sunday afternoon and hubby is out at a race and will be back unexpectedly late, so I had to search my fridge to find food I can whip up for the kids. Thankfully I found the tri-color atta noodles and shiitake mushroom sauce. These noodles and sauce can just be added together but the taste won’t be as full so I decided to add some more things to it. I don’t have the usual onions and ginger around so had to make do with what’s available.


Atta noodles
Shiitake mushroom sauce
1 egg

2 Tbsp water
1 Tbsp light soy sauce
2½ tsp dark soy sauce
1½ tsp raw cane sugar
sesame oil, to taste


1) blanch the noodles, amount up to what you need. Do not blanch too long 1-2 minutes
2) drain the noodles, dip in cold water and remove
3) start the pan/wok, I use my electric pressure cooker on stir-fry mode, add oil and start frying the egg
4) pour in the noodles and stir for a while, atta noodles doesn’t stick at all so it’s easy
5) add in the sauce a tablespoon at a time until you are happy with the taste
6) add a tablespoon of the mushroom sauce and stir a while
7) serve immediately

Fried noodles recipe at

For added nutrition, I also mixed in a half tsp of Supersprout powder, these three are my fav combo for fried noodles. Also added some seaweed. Happy Sunday!

Recipe adapted from Christine

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