Epson Is the Print To Go

Epson is back in the printing game when the company recorded a 13% Business Growth in FY2013 from April 2013 to March 2014, with 40% growth in the sales of Epson inkjet printer, 10% growth in business systems like point-of-sale and passbook printers, 11% growth in commercial and industrial business, and 10% growth in projectors.


At the press conference last month, Danny Lee, General Manager, Sales and Marketing at Epson Malaysia. “Our new offerings within Epson’s award winning line of L-Series printers make our products even better suited for office and business environments of all sizes. Not only does Epson offer the versatility of wirelessly printing from whatever device the user prefers, but we are also successfully addressing the issue of cost management that is a priority in any business.”


At the time, I was just totally smitten by the L-Series printers. I had heard of ink tank systems, but those are ‘illegal’ ones that can spoil your printer. Epson is the only printer by far that created this ink tank system FOR the printer. Ink Tank Systems are special in that they really save your money with the large tanks that can print up to 1000 copies in full colour. It just so happened that my company colour printer died on my and I needed to find a new one. One that doesn’t use pricey ink and can print a lot, and also can print on CD/DVD.


Some amazing printers were showcased at the press conference, and some of the printers have Wifi printing too, you can print directly to it from your tablet, cool. Epson’s success in the high yield printer market is due to the growing popularity of its L-Series refillable ink tank system printers. In addition to offering users the world’s lowest cost per page for their printing, the Epson L-Series also allows users to print wirelessly from mobile devices, tablets and computers through Epson Connect. In 2014, Epson has introduced the L1300 and L1800 printers that deliver ultra-affordable high quality A3 document printing to Malaysian users.

Back at home, we decided to purchase the Epson L800, the world’s first branded photo printer with an integrated ink tank system that gives you high volume prints at the lowest running cost. It claims to be able to print 4R photos up to 1800 copies, now that is a lot. I don’t think I can print more than 30 with my previous normal cartridge type printer.

Ink tanks
The L800 uses 8 ink tanks, 70 ml each. This will fill up the whole ink tank on the printer. This is great compared to just 15ml found on normal photo printers.

Printed with epson l800
I test print on some generic matte and glossy photo papers, and the results turned out pretty good. I am glad Epson printer do not need only Epson photo paper to work.

Most importantly, this printer has CD/DVD surface printing feature, which I needed as we sell our church sermon CD/DVD and have it printed. More professional. I think this is really a great purchase even though the initial cost of the printer is a little higher, but you will safe in the long run with the ink.

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