Burger Bakar Rawang in Kajang

Yesterday, after picking Josiah up from Keyboard school, John had a sudden craving for Burger, Burger Bakar to be exact. We kept hearing about how great burger bakar is but had never tried before. I could only wonder how ‘special’ it was supposed to be. We always pass by this stall in Saujana Impian, but the name is called Burger Bakar Rawang. I guess the owners conceived this recipe in Rawang?

The owners claim that this burger is so special because the patty is homemade. You can check out how thick is patty is!

The cook is all smiles, coz one of the burger is called BURGEMBIRA.

If you think one piece of patty is enough, you are wrong. They have burgers with as much as 3 patties in one. We had to wait quite long too, nearly 20 minutes as some people are packing up to 5 burgers. They have a place you can sit down and eat there, open air and all.

Above must be the KLCC burger, cost RM20 man!

This is the more normal burger with one patty we bought and shared amongst 4 of us. Still, it is a whooping RM9 with cheese.

Some menu for your reading pleasure.

The verdict? It IS really really delicious, especially the patty. It is thick but not hard, it is soft and moist inside. Really rich and full of flavour. The mayo and cream is also custom made, a tinge of citrus in it. According to John, it is 10 times better than those regular burger stalls or even some famous burger chains.

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