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You know how it is with the 2nd child, you just stop doing all the things you’d do with the first, like taking pictures daily, documenting their every progress, being a cleanliness freak and going green etc. It’s really true. When Jordan came long, I just completely never blog about him or even bothered to take countless pics like I did with Josiah. Of course, it does not mean I love him any less or appreciate his every progress and presence, but LIFE just takes over. While doing life, it can be quite taxing to keep up a blog. Well I also sold my Macbook so it makes it even harded to find a place and time to update the blog, so I’m now looking at some iPad Apps that can help with that. I’d need an app that can easily insert pics from Flickr effortlessly without even going out of the app. I know that the WordPress iOS app totally cannot do that.

So I did a search on my blog, and the last time I talked about Jordan at all was when he turned 1! Gasp! It’s been nearly a year? Jordan is only less than 2 months to turning 2! Where did all the time go, as cliche as that sounds. So to all those mum bloggers with a football team in tow (actually 2-3 kids feel like a football team), I really salute you! How did you girls keep up with all the housework, outside work, kids, their education etc and still blog and do reviews. Not only do I not have the time, I also don’t have the motivation. It’s like, urgh, do I really have to write that, who wants to know that, I don’t feel like sharing it etc. Maybe this also came with age? I had become more private and become more of a recluse, not wanting to share anything much to the world anymore. Though when I do sit down and write, I love it. I love blogging, I love writing. Thus this post to spark that interest again.

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Talking about Jordan, the boy sure has grown. Vertically, he must have extended another 5-10cm. Well it is hard to measure him since he can hardly stand still and we also don’t visit clinics for checkups. He’s also increasingly cheeky, and has started speaking simple words. His favourite word is of course, Mama, followed by Koko. I don’t know, but he likes to call us both together. He knows how to call most people in chinese, like Papa, uncle, ee ee, che che, di di, etc. He even made a joke this morning by changing koko to kokokoke, impersonating a rooster to wake the brother up. He loves playing hide and seek, as seen in the video, at every chance. Whenever he finds a hiding place, he would hide himself. Like most kids, he loves creating a mess, like all the toys and stuffs that I put in place, will be totally messed up in seconds.

His favourite past time is drumming. He’s now got 3 sets of toy drums and well, most of it is broken coz he beats it so hard. He needs to beat on these drums like on a daily basis. It’s the only toy that he would sit down to play for a longer period of time. Jordan is not interested in most things Josiah was ever interested in, like teddy bears, drawing, stacking, and blocks. He’s more of a guy’s guy, where he loves his drums and loves toy cars and that’s it. Well he also loves singing very loudly when he’s got nothing better to do. At 22 months now, he’s also begun to be very interested in the iPad. I had mostly used that only to show him cartoons to distract him etc but now he wants to take it away and he knows how to select his own apps and all that.

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I instagramed that he also started not hating the toothbrush recently. I had been trying so many ways to try to brush his teeth, but he would literally run away everytime. I didn’t bother with that so much until I realise his teeth were staining and cracking pretty bad. It’s like dejavu coz this happened with Josiah’s teeth too just that Josiah brushed his teeth diligently from young. Anyways, I used to have to wrap his hands in towel or pillow and put my weight on him to brush his teeth while he will scream his lungs out and it really sounded like I was giving him a major beating. Then, one day, he allowed me to brush his teeth, although a bit hesitantly but without all the screaming anymore. That was when I was also showing him Talking Ginger the cat brushing her teeth on the iPad but that was not the first time he played with the app. So I just thank God that episode of our wrestling during dental health time is over.

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Hhm that’s about it that I can write about the ‘1 year’ with Jordan. 🙂

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