Meet and Greet with Hi-5 by Dumex

Last Friday, Josiah and I had the chance to meet and greet the popular children’s singing and dancing group, Hi-5! Josiah was so excited but thankfully he did sleep through the night before. Hi-5 consists of Stevie, Lauren, Dayen, Ainsley and Mary. It was quite a small intimate gathering at The Apartment in The Curve, which was awesome. We were greeted at the door with pretty ladies serving Josiah some Mamil All in One Milk.


There was also a photobooth by Ecopia for us to take pics. I just love these photobooths. Josiah and I took this pic with the funny hat and a huge tie.


After some nice coffee, we entered a small hall and the host came and tried to warm us up. The parents apparently were more excited than the kids. Hi-5 came out promptly after and they actually performed a new song, the 5 food group song. The MTV can be found on Dumex Mamil’s Facebook page in the Hi-5 App. You’d want to learn this song with your kids if you want your kid to be performing next to Hi-5 when they are here for their concert on Dec 27.


The kids were then escorted out to a dance workshop to learn the dance on the song I mentioned. They were supposed to perform the dance to Hi-5 immediately after and the top 3 best dancers get to walk away with tickets to the Hi-5 concert in December.


Mr Christiaan Uittenbosch, Marketing Manager of Danone Dumex Malaysia, then came out to explain to us about this new campaign called, Give Me 5 that is partnering with Hi-5 as their brand buddy to educate kids and parents about the importance of the five food groups, namely, Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats, Fruit and Vegetables and Dairy.


In striving to make healthy eating engaging for children, the ‘Give Me 5’ campaign features a catchy song and dance, educational video, plus interactive digital apps showcasing Hi-5 to communicate positive messages on healthy eating. I was a bit doubtful that just singing a song can change my kid’s eating habits, but guess what, it seemed to be working. Whenever Josiah won’t eat his fruits, I would say Hi-5 eats ‘em and Lauren says it’s healthy, and he would actually change his mind a little bit.


Hi-5 came out again to sit with Mr Christiaan for some Q&A on nutrition and just about any questions.

“It’s great to be part of something educational for kids,” said Stevie Nicholson of Hi-5. “The ‘Give Me 5’ campaign is a worthy effort as it’s spreading a really important message about nutrition, which will have lasting effects on children’s health. It’s a real privilege to set a positive example as role models for young children and our young Malaysian fans, and we do take this responsibility very seriously.”

They also talked further about the Talent Search where your kid get to perform with Hi-5 by just submitting a video of singing and dancing to the 5 food group song. Just go ahead to their Facebook page mentioned above for all the details.

Stevie even challenged Lauren to do push ups onstage after telling us how well she eats and that’s why she’s strong etc.

Finally, the kids came back ready to perform. This is when all the parents started standing and snapping pics like mad.


There were a bunch of kids that danced exceptionally well. Too bad, Josiah just stood there and sang more than he danced! Oh well, he didn’t win any tickets but it was fine as all the kids were given a free DVD to take home and watch. He was quite delighted about that.


The kids even took a group pic with Hi-5!


Finally, we all lined up and all the kids get to take individual shots with the Hi-5 band. How nice of them!


After the event, we were treated for some refreshment in the form of the 5 food groups. Don’t forget to check out the Facebook page and learn how you too can get to meet Hi-5 this coming December!

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