Why You Should Bring Your Phone To The Toilet

I’m sure you have friends or friends of friends who had the experience of dropping their handphones into the toilet and completely drowned it. They will tell you never to bring your phone into the toilet EVER. I used to agree with that until my own opposite experience.

Last week I went into the toilet at my work place bringing with my my phone. I am not too afraid of dropping my phone into the toilet as my phone is totally water protected with a tough case. Nevertheless the thought of dropping it still did cross my mind. My first iPhone and first iPad did die a watery death. Anyways, in my office toilet, there is one main door that enters into the sink area, and then there are two cubicles with doors. I went into one and I could hear someone else entered the other cubicle while I was inside. It was late, like past office hours but there were still people in the office. That person left and I heard the outside door shut. I went out and washed my hands, and behold the outside door was locked. It was no use to bang on the door as our toilet is very far from the office area separated by our vast pantry. But hey, I had my phone with me. I quickly called the office number, as I could see the lights were still on at below the door entering the office area. Thankfully, my colleague was still around and picked up the phone and promptly opened the door for me to escape.

I shudder to think of what if I did not have my phone with me. Would I have to spend a night in the toilet? Would anybody come to my rescue? Shuddeerrrrr

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