Product Review: 3M’s Scotch™ Kids Scissors

I wrote about how Josiah lacked cutting skills during his last Tadika Progress Report because I never really gave him a proper pair of scissors nor taught him how to cut things for craft. Well, timing is perfect as I was given a pair of 3M’s Scotch™ Kids Scissors to review recently. At the same time, I started Josiah on stamp collection as a hobby, not that he knows much about it, but it is just a fun exposure for him. So we used the new pair of scissors to cut out the stamps.

Besides just cutting stamps, he also loved using the scissors to cut on any scrap paper and cut shapes out of it. Sometimes, I will draw the shapes and teach him to cut according to the lines. So far, he had been so delirious and proud after he managed to cut anything (despite it being not straight) and he will want to stick the things he cut up on his craft corner wall. He will search for the Scotch® Magic™ Tape in Donut Dispenser and use that to stick his cut outs on the wall.

scotch kids
So I’m loving the scissors and here is why.

1) It is a real pair of scissors and not those play types that are not sharp. It can really cut and even I can use it without having to struggle with the size. It is great for kids but good enough for adults too.

2) It has blunt tips so I do not have to worry about accidents.

3)It comes in 2 colours, blue and pink. Somehow I got the pink one, but it’s ok as I’m teaching Josiah to love all kinds of colours and not just his favourite blue. Indirectly, I am teaching him not to be racist, I think haha. I told him God created all colours and all colours are beautiful in their own right.

4)It can be used for left or right handers. Josiah is not decided whether he wants to be left or right handed. He seemed to be able to write with both hands at the moment. Sometimes he cut with the right hand, sometimes with the left. The Scotch scissors is comfortable to use both ways.

5) It has soft touch handles. This is great as I hate those metal handles in some tiny scissors that causes my hands to be red with marks after use. I am sure the softness of the handle won’t be leaving red unwanted marks on my little toddler’s little hands.

6) They are SO affordable. I think I saw it selling for only RM6.20 online.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. However, I did receive the product for free to assist in my reviews. The opinions in this blog post are 100% mine.

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