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Last Friday, BlupBlup invited me to the Panasonic True Beauty Launch which was held in Vertigo, Gardens. Media people can’t do things while hungry so we were also invited to eat to our heart’s content at The Spread, Gardens Hotel. Heady with food, we headed to the glitzy launch event at Vertigo and were pleasantly presented with the goodie bag. I was so excited as I am such a Panasonic fan, if you come to my house, you will see that every possible electronic device is from Panasonic.

Anyways, I was quite curious what this True Beauty product is about. Lo and behold, it’s actually a range of products specially made for ladies, and covers the Face, Oral, Body and Hair. This new range of products comprise of Nanocare Facial Steamer (EH-2473), Facial Static Roller (EH-SP30), Pore Cleanser (EH-2513), Eyelash Curler (EH-2351P),
Pocket Doltz Sonic Toothbrush (EW-DS11), (I received a pink one!)
Nanocare Hair Dryer (EH-2271), Multi-Styling Hair Straightener (EH-HW51) and Epilator (ES-WD88).

Well, to recap the event, it started off with some sexy girls dancing.

Then Xandria Ooi, the MC of the night, took the stage looking radiant in red. She welcomed the media present and then invited Jeff Lee, the Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia on stage to give his opening speech.

Then Mr Jeff Lee came up and gave his short speech and was all excited talking about these new beauty products. I was glad that he mentioned that these products target busy working mothers as well, because we are the ones that are too busy to go beauty saloons so we need products that we can use at home that are as good as ones used professionally.

After his speech, there was the launch gimmick, and being near to Christmas, it involves using Christmas ball decorations, putting it on the box with the Panasonic logo, and then the products just emerged.

All the VIPs came on stage, and that includes Mr Chris Tomachi, the Marketing Director, Mr Matsuoka Kiyoshi, The General Manager of Home Appliances Department, the Deputy Managing Director, Mr Harry Sasaki, and the flower among the thorns, Ms Nathalie Den Dekker who is the Mr Tourism International and also the face of True Beauty Products.

So the products magically appeared to the applause of the media crowd.

Then there was a fashion show, but the first girl that came out just showed off the Christmas ball decoration. I was wondering is there something inside there? Well, I guess not. It was a fashion show for the products that was just launched, so every girl came out slowly with product in hand.

Nanocare Hair Dryer (EH-2271) Retailing at MYR399.00

Epilator (ES-WD88) Retailing at MYR429.00

Nanocare Facial Steamer (EH-2473) Retailing at MYR1,499.00

Multi-Styling Hair Straightener (EH-HW51) Retailing at MYR229.90

Pore Cleanser (EH-2513) Retailing at MYR179.00

Facial Static Roller (EH-SP30) Retailing at MYR599.90

Eyelash Curler (EH-2351P) Retailing at MYR49.00

Pocket Doltz Sonic Toothbrush (EW-DS11) Retailing at MYR99.00

Finally the fashion show ended with Ms Nathalie taking her beauty walk to show us what happens after using all these products.

Then all the VIPs and the models just gathered at the other stage for a photography session, but I was to short to shoot anything.


After that, we were fed some product knowledge by Ms Grace.

We were told of all the benefits of the True Beauty products compared to others, and I must say, it was very extensive and convincing.

For example, the Doltz toothbrush is as good as going to the dentist. I immediately tried it at home and compared it to my other electronic toothbrush, and the Doltz is really much more powerful, and the vibration is much faster. My teeth was really clean after that, not to mention the toothbrush looks so good. I showed it to my colleague and none of them could guess what it was, as it looked like some makeup device.

I’m also really interested in the Pore Cleanser, seems a bit amazing if it can actually remove blackheads and everything stuck in the pores.

We were then treated to some great musical performances from the famous violinist Dr. Joanne Yeoh and her friend.
This is probably the 3rd or 4th time I saw her perform in various churches, and this time I was like the front row audience. I just love the way she plays, full of passion for each and every note.

The night then ended with more sexy girls dancing and I was all ready to go home and enjoy my True Beauty products.


I opened my goodie bag and this is what I got. Awesomeness!

In the goodie bag

Thanks to Blupblup and Panasonic for a memorable night.

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