Mother and Baby Room at KLIA

On our last flight that landed in KLIA from Kuching last month, I had a chance to visit the mother’s room which was just at the terminal that we exited.

It is actually one of those ‘toilet looking’ mother’s room, but it’s pretty neat at the same time. In it, there’s a diaper changing area that you can ‘lock’ you baby in, coz it’s like a metal crib.

The colour theme is mostly pink, and there’s a cute pink bench for other parents to wait, if any. Or for nursing mothers to use as well…

So anyways, it’s good that our KLIA airport has a nice room dedicated for mothers. There is really none in Sibu… :O

The toilet is in an adjacent room, and it’s the coolest part. There’s an adult toilet seat, and a toddler toilet seat in there, and then there’s actually a baby chair. I can imagine this would be quite useful if you don’t have a stroller, and need some place to ‘hold’ your baby while you do your business for a while. The only prob is that baby might be traumatised having to see you do your business face to face hehe.

The water taps all have hot and cold water, so it’s pretty convenient in case you need hot water, either to wash that baby’s butt or just to make some milk? Not sure if it’s good enough for that though.

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