Got boobies?, a bag company is doing good this month by hosting a campaign to create breast cancer awareness, and how cute it is to call it GOT BOOBIES.

So we all know how terrible breast cancer is, how it attacks 1 in 9 women in the world, how it is sometimes genetic, that is why we shouldn’t ignore doing self checks, coz self checks can help women detect the lump early and save their lives.

It’s not even hard to do a monthly self check in the shower, especially after your period. There are only 3 methods, lines, circles or wedges. You can do all three if you want. My sister’s MIL had breast cancer, I can only say it is a terribly scary time for them. Thank God she survived it, probably because she did self checks regularly. Breast cancer is also one of the reasons I promote breastfeeding, as breastfeeding lowers the risk of cancer, plus due to breastfeeding, we have to massage+check our breast many times a day before pumping. Furthermore, the thought of having breast cancer that can take away the simple privilege of breast feeding is enough to drive any mother to ACT.

Mammograms, something every woman fear. However, mammograms can save lives. For girls above 20, it’s only necessary to do mammograms every 3 years, but those above 40 have to do it annually, as the risk increased. However, if there’s a history of breast cancer in your family, it would be wise to do mammograms earlier. Oh by the way, do you know men can get breast cancer too? Gee…

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