Parkson Metro Kajang’s Baby Room

Before Aylwin told me that Parkson in Alamanda has a baby room, I was always reluctant to go to Metro Kajang thinking that it is baby unfriendly. But since Alamanda’s Parkson has one, I thought I should go and check out Metro Kajang’s Parkson, and thank God, they really do have one, a pretty good one too.

diaper change
It is very big, nice and clean for one and father friendly too. They have two big diaper change areas, they even provide baby powder (tho I don’t use this) and plastic bags on the top shelve.

There are two feeding rooms with a nice purple sofa without arm rests (good thinking) and yellow curtain for privacy. The room is not too big but spacious enough for a nursing mum and her baby with with the stroller inside. The sofa is big enough to even put the baby down.

The room also feature a foldable shelve for those that need to prepare milk or anything. Very thoughtful and space saving

There’s also a large sink outside for washing up any spills whatsoever, with a hot water tumbler which I hope they refill constantly.

The whole baby room is painted lavendar, which is GREAT! I love it, it’s located at the floor selling baby merchandise.

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  1. and the mines baby room is ultra disgusting, IMHO… I totally loath these sort of rooms with wet floors and dim lighting. Absolutely run down.

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