Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker

I bought this chair from Fisher Price while I was in confinement just before going back to work. At first I bought this thinking maybe Josiah can sleep in it as it has a vibration function and is also a rocking chair. Oh well, in the end, it was used for other purpose.

First, it’s basically used as a chair. This chair is cool because it can be used from young to old, up to 4 years old. When Josiah was only 2 months old, we set the position to the lowest lying one. We strap him on it whenever we need some free hands, well we can’t be holding him all the time! My caretakers also use it as a feeding chair.

Now that he’s older, going on 5 months, we put the seat position to the highest one so he can pretty much sit up and grab the toys.

Earlier, we had to take his hand and put on the cat and dog toy to pull at it, pulling at the dog toy will sound a short musical rhyme. Now, whenever he’s in the mood and on the chair, he will pull at the toy with ease.

So naturally, the chair is also a play time seat for him. Not only does it have a toy bar, it’s removable too. And it’s easy to swing away when we want to have face to face interaction fun with Josiah.

The chair is also used as a poo chair. I don’t know why but babies tend to poo when they are sitting upright, as the case with bumbo seats too. On many occasions, while relaxing on this chair, he will concentrate on pooing. No explanation for this.

Some other great features of this chair, well it’s foldable and easy to just bring around.

We bring it to the caretaker’s house every Monday, and bring it back every Friday. So it’s not so bulky and unmovable that we need 2 seats, like those huge bouncers. Bouncers also can’t be used long, it’s not advisable for babies above 7kg. Where as this chair doesn’t change shape, and it supports up to 18 kg.

I seriously won’t know if Josiah would fancy sitting on it until so old, but this pic shows that big kids can use it as a recliner chair too. So, it’s a safe seat for him when he’s that big, instead of having to seat on high adult chairs that could cause accidental falls.

Wow looking at the pics, I can literally see how he grew in it. I got mine at for RM300 plus.

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