Pig Wrestling

Arguing with your Boss is like
wrestling with a pig in mud.
After a while you realize that
while you are getting dirty,
the pig is actually enjoying it.——————————————————
My friend Han, sent me a bunch of quotes in my email today, with the above one particularly making her day. Apparently, it’s a very anti-employer and work hating statement albeit being humorous. I love pigs. I love making fun of people by calling them PIG. While in university, I used to get so bored in class, that I would draw little pig cartoons, with the pig as the hero among other silly animals. Then, I’d pass my silly comic strip around class to wake some sleepy heads up. It was fun…

Anyways, back to wrestling with boss/pig, many people in the working world tend to think work SUCKS! Yeah working is hard, really hard. Nothing can be compared to good ol’ days studying. Why does work sucks to many people? I can conclude that it’s because of a terrible boss/employer, thus the many employer hating quotes we sometimes get. So far, in my short span of working life, I had met terrific and terrible bosses. I wouldn’t say my current boss is at all terrible. I have three bosses by the way that directly controls me. Sure they have their temperamental days, but mostly, they’re really nice people. I guess I’m being pretty KEJAM (cruel) leaving them amidst the messiness of the business now. However, I got my academics to fulfil, therefore, the decision.

Well, guess I’m just saying, Nah, I dun think my bosses are like pigs. 😛

2 Responses to Pig Wrestling

  1. same here, i like my work environment, but that could be due to the fact that i’m only accountable to one person – the cto (chief tech officer), who’s a really great guy, and i consider him a friend. someone you can talk to about everything, knows about your personal shit, but doesn’t care as long as you get the job done. couldn’t have hoped for a better person to work under.

    what makes work suck is office politics…

  2. i agree with killuminati.the office politics sucks but i have a cool boss.

    the reason why uni years always tugs our hearts is that because thats when everything happens-i still miss it 😉

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