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Have You Tasted Your Kids’ Milk?

Recently, I found out that some kids’ milk really contain a lot more sugar than I expected. Have you ever thought about tasting your kids’ milk? Did you know that tasting the milk will let you know how sweet it really is?

See how Sharifah Sofia invited her mom friends to her house to taste four types of milk. When you drink four different types of children’s milk together, you can really taste the difference. As a mom, I had tried a few types of growing up milk for my children and sometimes I put them in my own coffee. I must admit that not all milk really tastes like natural milk. I always prefer the taste that is closest to fresh milk. I believe even children knows the difference so starting them on the right milk is a wise decision so that they don’t depend on the one with the higher sugar content.

We decided to take the challenge and drink our kids’ milk today!
It is pretty funny and Josiah laughed at us for drinking his milk. However, at least now we know how it tasted like and how it doesn’t have that totally sweet aftertaste found in some other growing up milk.
We feel assured because we are taking Anmum Essential that has no added sugar and it tastes naturally good too. We are already trying our best to minimise sugar intake in Josiah and Jordan’s diet by not ever giving them any sweets. The only thing is that Jordan has a weakness for chocolates and Josiah really loves Cola!

Therefore, we must ensure that their daily intake of milk will not add any more sugar to their diet! What about you, have you tried drinking your kids’ milk? Try it today and also look at the labels and make sure there is no added sugar which names could be Brown Sugar, white sugar, dextrose, sucrose, fructose, corn syrup solids, glucose syrup solids, maltose, maltodextrin, or even golden syrup.

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