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Pavillion Mall Baby Room

Pavillion mall has a lot of baby rooms, something like 2 at every floor. Being a pretty new mall, the baby room is very clean and new. On first look, I like the place, it has two diaper change areas, two cubicles for nursing covered with brown curtains, one wash up sink and a closed… Continue Reading

Parkson Metro Kajang’s Baby Room

Before Aylwin told me that Parkson in Alamanda has a baby room, I was always reluctant to go to Metro Kajang thinking that it is baby unfriendly. But since Alamanda’s Parkson has one, I thought I should go and check out Metro Kajang’s Parkson, and thank God, they really do have one, a pretty good… Continue Reading

Alamanda Putrajaya Baby Room

This is only my 2nd time to Alamanda, with Josiah that is. This time it was Sunday, so all the Putrajaya folks are out shopping. Immediately when we got there, Josiah needs to nurse already. So, we proceeded to the baby room, but nearly all is full of people. So we walked from one baby… Continue Reading

Jusco Baby Room

Baby rooms are facilities in shopping malls that I used to ignore. Well, now I pay great attention to them. I really appreciate malls that put great thoughts into designing their baby rooms. Well, so far, I’ve only been to 2, one in Jusco Cheras Selatan and one in Alamanda Putrajaya. Jusco’s baby rooms is… Continue Reading

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