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Ever since I first met Atomy in 2016, I started using the Atomy Herbal Body Cleanser. Wow, I can’t believe I have used like one body wash for so many years without changing! I guess when a product is that good, you won’t try to find another.

Recently, however Atomy in Korea released bar soaps! It’s called the Atomy Donggubat Cleansing Bar. I was so amazed by the story of the Donggubat company that I jumped into buying the soap immediately. The CEO of Donggubat is only 30 years old now, and he started the company that makes and sells premium soap with the goal of making a change in the community. How does he do that? Well, he hires majority people with disabilities as full time workers in his company, and this is happening in Korea! This is a rare and a gem of a company. I guess that is the reason why Atomy is partnering with this company, so that more people with disabilities can get honorable jobs in this company.

Well, more about the soap already. This isn’t your regular RM5 bar of soap in the supermarket. This is a very premium and high quality soap made of only natural ingredients as I mentioned in the video. It comes in a beautiful box of three soaps in the scent of Charcoal, Lavender and Basil. The scent is very natural and permeates the air immediately when I opened my parcel that came all the way from S. Korea. Today, after don’t know how long, I used a bar soap to bath and even wash my face. I was totally surprised it doesn’t dry my skin in any way. It felt even better than using liquid soap I think? That is because I felt so eco-friendly using this. I don’t have to keep throwing bottles away. Additionally, when I just hold it in my hand and I can create a very bubbly lather, so I think I can use this for a very very long time, means I’m saving cost too.

The soap is scented with natural floral and herbal ingredients from Donggubat Farm, Korea. Yes, the company plants their own ingredients in a away. The scents are paired with skin-softening premium oils that are cold-processed for 1,000 hours to create a high-quality soap, wow I absolutely love it. There are no added artificial fragrances, no synthetic chemicals, no parabens so it is all-natural and 100% vegan.

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