Detox with Mintox after 3 months

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What is it?

I started taking Mintox about 3 months ago, and now here’s the findings. Well, just to recap, Mintox is a detox drink in a sachet like this, to be taken on evenings about 9pm. The main ingredient in Mintox would be Psyllium Husks. Psyllium is basically a type of fiber added to our diet that benefits constipation, diarrhea, blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and weight loss.

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If you love peach or kiwi juice, you will love this. It’s in powder form and taste just like juice after adding water. Ease to take and taste certainly is very important to me. So I had been taking this most nights since May but sometimes I will skip it when I have to travel for work the next day. I also skip it on weekends because most weekends I will be going out and won’t have access to the wash room. Why do I do that? It’s because after taking Mintox, the next morning there will be some purging. However, most times it is only once or twice but I just didn’t want to take a risk. With continuous usage, the purging actually lessens and becomes not so noticeable. It basically relieves constipation and makes the digestion very smooth.

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I will take mintox especially after a session of feasting. In my line of work, we frequently have buffets and dinners in hotels that might make me overeat. As I age, I realise the body really does not need so much food, but when good food is placed in front of you, there goes the self control.

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This was especially true during the Durian season and our office had a Durian Party. During this durian party, the vendor was just non stop opening up tonnes of durians and we were just devouring the sweet yellow flesh.

After that weekend, detox with mintox is a must!

The effects for taking Mintox for me is mostly positive but it is not a super obvious effect. Overall, I do feel my digestive tract is healthier and I do not suffer from any constipation. I do not think I will need to take it daily, only a few times a week as needed. It is super delicious and I can feel satisfied that my fiber intake is taken care of for the day. My skin is also glowing more than usual, I guess partly due to my gastrointestinal health, as they say, don’t leave anything stuck inside, else it will end up in breakouts. I definitely don’t remember having breakouts in the last 3 months. Give it a try, besides the fiber it is also full of enzymes and vitamins

Mintox is available in many places, for more info do look up

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