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Ever since feasting back in hometown during Chinese New Year, I had been trying all kinds of diet method to lose the extra pounds, and it’s just been disappointing so far. Why is it so easy to put on weight yet so hard to lose even 1 kg? Therefore, I thought I would give Mintox a try for a 12 weeks detox plan. Together with some intermittent fasting, keto-ish diet and this detox drink, hopefully, I can lose some of that unwanted kilos.

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A box of Mintox costs RM138 and it comes with 14 sachets. I would drink this every night before going to bed around 9pm – 10pm by pouring the powder into a shaker bottle and adding in 200ml of water. Just shake it and it will turn into a kiwi tasting greenish fruity drink. It’s quite the typical detox drink texture and tastes quite good.
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As with all health food, we consumers really want to know what’s inside it before we start taking it. I really do research on my products before putting it into my body. Mintox basically contains these high impact ingredients: Psyllium husk. Kiwi extract. Aphanizomenon Flos-aquae (AFA). It’s also sweetened by Stevia which I love because that’s the healthy sweetener I would use in my coffee too. Anyways, these ingredients promote positive digestive system and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. It improves intestinal environment, leading to better health.
Now we also know that when we have a healthy digestive system, it will, in turn, promote weight loss, better skin and lower blood pressure. I guess that’s the winning point for me. I really want all three of the benefit. What more, it also assists in balancing cholesterol levels. Most important of all, when we remove toxin from our body, we will also have a better immune system.
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I just started taking the last 2 days and the first thing I noticed was purging in the morning. Everything will just come out but I was told this will not last more than 1 week. Today is the third day and definitely, I didn’t feel the purging so much anymore today. I guess that’s a sign that all the toxin is being removed. The good thing is the purging happens only 2-3 times in the morning, like 7am. After that, it will stop and I can still eat my meals like normal. I can’t wait to share with you the effects after I finish the 12 weeks course!

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