Foodie Trip to Penang


When thinking of Penang we always think of the great hawker food there. Penang is where we can get the best of the best so I’m planning to head up north for a feast. How do most people travel to Penang though? If you live nearby central Malaysia, it shouldn’t be so hard to drive. Still so many hours of being in the car still makes me search for alternatives. Imagine if you live in Singapore, you should definitely consider searching some cheap Flights from Singapore to Penang.

My Penang friends dragged me to eat Pasembur last time when I was not sure what it was. First look, it looks like Rojak. Oh wait, it actually is rojak but it’s a little different in Penang with the sauce. I love the tauhu especially with the sengkuang and cucumber that is juicy and cruncy.

Don’t forget to try the Mee Goreng too. It’s rather spicy for me but great for sharing if you want to go low on the carbs.

Penang is an island after all, so it’s easy to take a scroll at the beach side. I’ve always wished to live in a city that can overlook the sea. Why didn’t I choose to go to university in Penang twenty years ago?

At nights it’s times to prowl the streets in search of the best Char Kueh Tiaw. This dish is easily found anywhere in Penang but it’s not easy to find the best. I love the ones with huge juicy clams that are not too cooked. Fried over really high and hot fire it will taste the best.

Sin Kim Sun cafe at Jalan Macalister really have quite the variety of food including Lor Mee. Now I miss this so much as this is pretty impossible to find in Kajang.

How about Fried Oysters with egg? It is the best in Penang too in my humble opinion. No need to say much just look at the huge Oysters and less flour used to cook this dish.
So are you ready to take a drive there? What about getting there faster by getting a cheap air ticket?

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