Falling in Love with Russian Fairytales


First of all, thank you, Leona and Harry, for this invitation. I’m extremely blessed to be able to join MPO for yet another magical experience! This time is Russian Fairytales and I’m swept away by my imaginary prince already.

It begins with a 6-minute opening. OH-MY-HEART, it is an invitation to go on an adventure with a person in search of love. The music just echoed the tender, vulnerable and a longing heart for someone he has yet to meet. To me, even at the very beginning, he knows this person exists. Yes, I want to journey together!


The chase in Bartok, translated through violin, is presented by the very handsome Renaud Capucon, his body language got me convinced he had gone through the run himself.
I admit I and my friends were pretty distracted. Through the whole performance, I have unconsciously hold my breath and got so tired at the end of the performance because I was so entwined and got sucked into the music, I do really feel I have crossed the mountains and swim the seas. It was spectacular!

Renaud also graces us with a solo serenade after the Bartok. I believe it was spontaneous as it wasn’t written in the brochure. To me, it’s like a love letter, translated into music. Everything is in there, the adoration, the smiles, the heartache and a far-fetched hope. Got me thinking, who have inspired him to play such soul touching melody.


Kudos to conductor for the rest of the performance because I forgot all about the time and wish it never ended.
My favorite is “The Clock” and “Midnight” from the Cinderella suite! The conflict of wanting and not, stay or run and the time have decided for them (I’m assuming a pair of lovers). The ending was majestic and I know for sure, the lovers did have a great ending. I don’t believe in fairytales but for the 2.5 hours yet, Tchaikovsky got me convinced, its real. Even better, it is from a man’s perspective.


I have two other friends that went and both of them agreed it was wonderful! Abigail couldn’t get over the violin solo, “The Clock”. Elsa, who have no interested in classic musicals, changed her mind entirely and told me she loves it. This just means we really do have to experience this at least once in our lifetime to understand just how enchanted live orchestra is!

By Belle Foong

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  1. I’ve always wanted to go to the MPO but never really got around to it. This looks like quite a remarkable thing to go to. I really should one day. 🙂

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