U.S Fries Fiesta 2017

A year has passed by so quickly since the last US Fries Fiesta in 2016! The potatoes are back with a vengeance to surprise and delight our tastebuds with amazing creative, potato laden dishes. This campaign will run from today, June 15 – July 30, 2017 and there are over 10 restaurants diners can visit to try out healthy USA Potato inspired dishes.
If you are one of the many Malaysia fans of U.S. fries, look no further than the restaurants listed below.

Name of participating outlets

1. Novotel Hotel
2. Sams Intan
3. Yellow Brick
4. Movida
5. Smores
6. La Bodega
7. Press Room
8. Chaiwala Café
9. Bonne Gilla
10. Nevermine Pub and Bistro

You will find many creative ways potatos can be used, and the types of U.S Fries used include,

  • U.S. Frozen Wedges

  • U.S. Hashbrown

  • U.S. Straight Cut Fries

  • U.S. Crinkle Cut Fries

  • U.S. Curly Fries

Now, you know U.S. potatoes and U.S. fries are a class above the rest? Firstly, it’s due to the rich soil it grows in and the ideal temperatures there. They also invest in amazing state of the art facilities to ensure the highest grade of their product. U.S. potatoes also contain high solids and low sugar content so they look great and tasty, plus it doesn’t hurt that it grows plentiful year-round. Do know that Potatoes are actually very nutritious? It’s all in the way we cook them. One 148 gram potato packs only 110 calories, but 18% of the RDV (recommended daily value) of potassium and 45% of the RDV of vitamin C. We sure need a lot of Vit C and potassium in our body. U.S. potatoes can maintain the natural original flavour of fresh potatoes because they utilise a quick-freezing method, so all the flavours are locked in! Don’t expect the same of all other potatoes, that is why when you dine in different restaurants that don’t use U.S. Potatoes, you will quickly taste the difference. U.S. Potatoes’ high quality start from very first step of growing it in an ideal temperature and rich soil with years of grower expertise and controlled by U.S.’s strict Food and Drug Administration and USDA specifications. All so that we, fans of fries and potatoes can enjoy with a peace of mind!

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