The Best Choice for Home Décor – The Cowhide Rug

The best home décor balances practicality, style and comfort. While many decorative pieces meet one or the other, they don’t fulfill all three criteria. Cowhide rugs, on the other hand, are the ideal combination of beauty and functionality.

While they are perfectly synonymous with southwestern design schemes, cowhides add flair to any type of home. Since they come in many patterns and colors, you can find the perfect piece to enhance your specific design scheme. In addition to the traditional black and white patterns, these coverings also come with subtle spots, bold stripes, speckles, tri-color schemes, zebra print and even metallic designs.

These distinctive pieces make ideal floor coverings, wall hangings and sofa accents. The right cowhide rug will add interest to a room and cohesion to your décor. Their organic aspect really comes through, and visitors are bound to know right away that these are far from artificial or synthetic. This makes cowhide ideal for people who like the real thing and want to stay away from things that look or feel fake.

Real homes have a lived-in feel. This means that design pieces have to withstand the activities of children, pets and everyday foot traffic. With cowhide, you never have to worry about durability. Cow rugs have natural fibers that endure years of use. Despite their durability, they are soft and easy to clean. All you need to do to keep them looking their best is to shake them out and spot clean as needed. If you want to deep-clean a cowhide rug, use a vacuum cleaner attachment.

People who suffer from allergies often need to shy away from animal products in their surroundings. However, cowhide coverings provide a unique option for anyone who wants to incorporate the organic aspect of animal products in a design scheme without having to worry about allergens. There are several reasons why the natural fibers in these coverings are more allergy-friendly when compared to other animal products.

The way the cowhides are tanned not only preserves them, but also protects the hides’ pores from entrapment of allergens. These hides have gentle oils that don’t invite bacterial or moldy growth. Additionally, the fibers don’t gather dust easily. That’s why anyone can use these safe, natural coverings as home accents.

Whether you are giving an apartment a makeover or are beautifying a forever-home, cowhide rugs add comfort, functionality and style to any area. Their unique appeal will capture visitors and makes a good conversation starter. Plus, a cowhide rug can withstand daily use for years to come.

While cowhide rugs once were hard to find and mostly adorned ranches, they have become popular for all types of homes. People really enjoy their natural aspect and versatility. You can find these coverings in unassuming country residences with quaint, traditional charm as well as in stylish and chic city lofts.

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