Herbalife Skin Protective Moisturizer SPF30/PA+++


Do you always use a sunscreen lotion like the Herbalife one above? I know I used to dislike using any because some products can be so oily. However, good sunscreen lotion is just like your regular moisturizer. They should be the last step of your skin care just before makeup. I know nowadays we have BB Creams and foundations with SPF too, but actually those alone are not enough! If you still keep getting freckles, that means you did not protect your skin enough from the sun.

Currently I am using Herbalife Skin Protective Moisturizer with SPF30/PA+++. No 5 indicated on the bottle means it is the 5th step if I was using their whole set skincare. It can actually take the place of the Daily Glow Moisturizer which is the day time moisturizer. So basically, it is a 2-in-1 type of moisturizer, no need to add another layer of moisturizer before it. So what are some of the benefits of this sunscreen?

1) This moisturizer provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection against the sun’s rays. It’s very important that your sunscreen lotion protects against UVA besides just UVAB. UVA which is long wave ultraviolet A is usually the cause of premature aging, blemishes and wrinkles. UVB rays, which is short wave ultraviolet B rays are usually easily absorbed by the skin surface and therefore causes damage to the skin’s superficial epidermal layers. We see the damage as skin reddening and sunburn. When your product only shows SPF, with a number, means it only protects against UVB. The number only means the amount of time you can stay in the sun before reddening happens. PA Value represents the protection agaisnt UVA Rays, the most plus signs the higher the level of UVA Protection.
2) There is no added parabens and it’s dermatologist-tested.
3) It contains Vitamin B3, antioxidant Vitamin C and E as well as Aloe Vera.

Texture wise, the cream is light and white in colour. There isn’t a strong scent to it, just a slight pleasant smell. It is easy to use the pump bottle. At 30ml, it is small and can easily be carried in the handbag. We actually need to reapply sunscreen if we sweat a lot and wiped it off during the day. I’m not sure what is the price like but the day moisturizer was priced around RM160 the last time I used them. The price is a bit steep for me. Anyways, I was given this to review, I’m not a Herbalife member.

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