Dr. Lord Water Factory Cream Review

This is a pretty new brand to me, Dr. Lord Water Factory Moisturiser Creams currently available on Sanny & Joleen. There are three types mainly in Gold. White and Pink Packaging and I’ll tell you what are the differences for these three.

This is my favourite amongst the three Dr. Lord Waterdrop Facial Cream 50 ml RM76.00, that is because I have oily and acne prone combination skin. This is great as the last step of skincare, as the day time moisturiser. The cream is very light and not oily at all, once applied on the skin, it feels like it turns into water. It’s also very cooling, even better than gel types.


The packaging however doesn’t come with a spatula, nevertheless I usually use my own one or I use the Pobling Ioniser to scoop it out and apply it straight while massaging with it. All of Dr.Lord’s cream is known for one thing, locking in the moisture. 


I like the Waterdrop Technology behind this. Our skin will age will moisture is lost so I feel good to be able to lather on the cream everyday before makeup as it is really gentle and refreshing, yet it is able to retain and lock in the moisture with hyaluronic acid. Besides that it also contains Vitamin E, Witch Hazel and Honey Extract.

Dr. Lord Pure Waterful Facial Cream is the one in white packaging and this cream is more suitable for Dry Skin.
How do you know you have dry skin? Check out the signs and symptoms as above. Even people with oil skin like me still can get dry skin sometimes especially when sitting the aircond room. My skin gets more sebum and oil when it is especially dry as the skin tries to create more oil to protect itself. Therefore I still need lots of cream to moisturise it. By the way, Dr. Lord creams are all free from fragrance, colour, PEG, Benzophenon-4 and Mineral Oil. This is best used as Day Cream due to the light texture though compared to the Pink one above, this is a tad more rich and creamy.

Finally, I tried the Dr. Lord Deep Moisture Facial Cream in Gold packaging and this one is also known as the Night Cream. The texture is the creamiest amongst the three. This cream is meant for skin soothing overnight, for complete and lasting moisture until the morning, to prevent access melanin production that can cause dark spots, and for recovering fatigue skin overnight.

It is also recommended to pair these together, or in my case I use the Pink for day and Gold for night. I am used to lathering layers of cream on my face at night including a sleeping mask whenever I can!

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  1. I really love this moisturizer!! But I can’t find where to buy it anymore as Sanny & Jolene no longer sell it. Do you know where to buy it?

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