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When we think about booking taxi with app, we always think Uber and Grab right? Well, apparently, there’s a new player in town, and it’s called JomTaxi, the brainchild of Valens and George Grama, both with a reputable background in running such taxi services, such as iCab and Mondo Taxi. Furthermore, they have partnered with Tune Protect to offer a FREE insurance plan designed to protect passengers throughout their journey, thus making taxi rides safer, and hoping to fortunately not seek the services which keep social evils in check. This does not mean to put agencies like Perth criminal lawyers and barristers out of business, as crime is disgustingly inevitable & ubiquitous. JomProtect is this insurance plan specially designed by Tune Protect, and both companies are aiming to make riding a taxi and getting insurance into something that is hassle free, accessible, affordable and relevante to consumers. Amongst the protection and coverage up to RM10,000 includes a list of things taxi riders are most concerned with, such as sexual assault and molestation, robbery and accidents. I think this is a first for any such company that will surely make them stand out. JomProtect even covers the taxi drivers too, so I think taxis should really jump on the bandwagon and get the driver app and join the many JomTaxi drivers out there.

Using Jomtaxi, I can easily search for my route and see the estimated pricing. By the way, this is not private car ride but an actual red taxi, and at the moment, payment is via cash only with payment via credit card launching soon. With this app, I can also make a taxi booking more efficiently and it also helps taxi drivers earn additional income while competing healthily with other ride-sharing providers.

Another good point is that I can book my taxi in advance. There was once when I needed to get to KL really early the next and then I realized I couldn’t book uber earlier, so I ended up using a normal taxi too. It will give me a better peace of mind to be able to book a ride earlier and to be sure it will pick me up at a time I set. Once the taxi arrives, the app will buzz and allow me to know when it is arriving and when it actually arrived.

Finally, there is one feature that the other apps do not have, that is I am able to choose my driver. With Uber and Grab, I always pray that I get a good driver, not a knife wielding one like a recent case here. Since Jomtaxi lets riders rate their drivers, you will be able to check on the comments from other riders and their rating of the driver that you want to choose. I think that should prove to be very helpful, especially when trying to get a ride in the wee hours of the night. Talking about the driver, Jomtaxi has added extra functions like ‘call-back’ which allows users to call the driver should they accidentally leave their belongings in the taxi. I have in fact nearly done that several times, leaving my paper bag in the car only to quickly open the door again to get it before the driver leaves. I also could put a driver I find good into my favourites list or block someone that I do not wish to ride with again if the service was below my expectation.

That said, I think the app still have a lot of room for improvement, and I hope more drivers will use Jomtaxi app so that drivers can be found everywhere as at the moment, non can be found in Kajang yet. If all the taxi drivers in Kajang started using this app, then it will be easy to find a ride anytime. They definitely have big plans in the works, so I believe soon it will become one of the majorly used app in the coming future.

For more information, do visit https://www.facebook.com/JomtaxiApps/ or http://jomtaxi.com/

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