Wakase iPhone 6/6s Case Dimple Series

Some time I ago I was sent the Wakase iPhone 6/6s case for review and I must admit initially I was hesitant about it as I love my Otterbox case. Well, let’s see how this Taiwan brand fare compared to the established Otterbox cases. Some of the features of this case includes:

  • High quality; Easy snap on

  • Perfect fit and dimension ensuring full button control

  • Composed of high impact resistant clear TPU material

  • Specially designed dimples on surface to increase touch sensation

So basically, as it says it is super easy to put on and take off compared to Otterbox, the later being very tight fitting therefore needing some pushing to get it out. The Wakase case’s rubber is soft, so it is rather easy to just peel it off. I’m not sure how it will be when dropped, will it fly off easily too?

Openings below are just like Otterbox, with the speaker left open, the lightning port and the headphone jack port also. At the sides, the power buttons and volume buttons have their own full button control which are really easy to press and access. I love the colour, obviously my fav colour being purple, it matches exceptionally well with the pink, I don’t know how they knew to send me this particular case which I didn’t choose but it’s still in the right colour I want. Overall, I like the touch and feel of the whole case, the dimples protruding makes it non slip as well. My only issue would be the front where it doesn’t hug the iPhone that tightly and I feel like if my phone crashes on the screen it might crack as there is not bumper at the sides that is as thick as the Otterbox. That said, this case only comes for USD19.95 so it’s much cheaper and comes in various designs on their Amazon store.  It is a better case compared to most of those generic ones out there and makes a great gift as it it delivered in a nicely quality case.

11 Responses to Wakase iPhone 6/6s Case Dimple Series

  1. From the photos and the materials used to make this case, I believe it is a better value pound for pound compared to the Otterbox (which is bulky). At the end of the day, it is also as much the aesthetics as sturdiness and protection level. So it is up to iPhone owners to decide which is more important. Otterbox is incredibly reliable and protection from drops is probably the highest in the industry. Trade off is they are bulky and personally, let’s say I find the Wakase case more appealing to the eyes.

  2. I also trust Otterbox but this new brand is something I would love to consider. Love the dimple feature as it makes holding the phone easier and non slip. I wish I could find same brand and a color I like best in my fave shop.

  3. In my perfect world beautiful iphones do not get scratches, never fall and therefore don’t need these cases! Lol
    However, in reality we need to protect their perfect shapes with cases like this one!

  4. I didn’t really care about the quality of cases before, I just want them pretty. But now, with the coming out of iphone cases that do different things (.e.g, the one that can stick on any surface, the one that can be a selfie stick, the one that can be submerged on water, and the one that has an in-built light), I started to see cases in a different light.

    As with Wakase, this is the first time I’ve heard of it. I like the colors and the matte finish of it. And the spots that actually have a purpose. I’d love to give it a try.

  5. When my iPhone was new, I opted for an Otterbox since I wanted it to be protected. I felt that it was really heavy so I opted to using a personalized hard case that we were sponsored with. Anyway, it’s my first time hearing about Wakase. I like it’s rubber texture. If I have the chance, I’ll try this case.

  6. I like the design. My phone was actually overused and it was broken everywhere and I regret not having it Otterboxed. Now, I need to replace it’s tempered glass because it’s already broken. I just hope they have this design and color too in my handset model.

  7. Nice product review. I have always preferred lighter and less bulkier cases for my i6+. The colors are quite vibrant too and the price seems reasonable

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