CompAsia Expands To The Philippines

Have you heard of the leading IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) company, CompAsia? Basically, this is a green eco-friendly company that refurbishes used consumer electronics and distributes them back into the market. In CompAsia, your gadgets just never die. I love the business concept of recycling, renewing, refurbishing, restoring and resurrecting used computers, smartphones, tablets, monitors, servers and more to extend the lifespan and at the same time preserving Planet Earth.

Earlier this month, CompAsia announced its regional expansion with the opening of a newly-built ITAD facility in Manila. (Pictured L-R Koh Mun Khay : Vice President/Country Head CompAsia Philippines, Julius Lim, CEO of CompAsia and Stephen Yu, Managing Director, Versatech International Phil). CompAsia also announced its collaborative effort with Versatech International Phil, a renowned IT distribution company in the Philippines, to help consolidate its ITAD market there and the expand CompAsia’s goal to become the leading ITAD provider in the country.

Take a listen to Julius Lim’s speech during the press conference.

CompAsia actually started in Petaling Jaya back in 2012 and in a short 4 years, it has expanded to Singapore and now the Philippines and later to more countries in Asia. Using refurbished consumer electronics is something new to me so it was interesting to find out how it was done at CompAsia to make refurbished units appear like new. Best of all, all reconditioned devices come with warranties from 1-3 years. These devices are not sourced from individuals but from companies, and they are then renewed and restored to a new and probably better condition and appearance. When they are being refurbished, they are carefully examined for all components, upgraded or repaired for non working parts before being sent for a thorough cleaning process. Both facilities in Malaysia and Philippines have their own in-house team that conducts every process with professionalism and high standards.


Smartphones are definitely the devices with one of the largest reuse market. There are really quite a lot of people buying and reselling their used phones online as they want to use the latest models. Well, buying it on CompAsia is so much safer as they offer 1 year warranty and also a one time cracked screen warranty, and I can be assured the phone is in tip top condition when I buy it. Checking on their main website with their listings of all products,, I could see so many models available, even iPhone 6 Plus and so on. Phones have grading, Grade A, B and C to show the condition and are priced accordingly. I checked most of the smartphones at the launch and they really looked like new to me.


I took home one Sony Xperia Z from CompAsia, and had I not known this was a refurbished set, it would be really hard to tell as there was not a single scratch on the phone. After using it for a few days, I found that battery life was also really good, unlike other android phones I had used, when in standby the battery doesn’t deplete by itself. Quite amazing for a phone model that came out 3 years ago. This was selling for only RM449 compared to other online sites that I saw selling for over RM700!

I also love how CompAsia is not only about recovering value in IT assets, that they are also a green company set up to champion a green IT strategy that promotes extending the life cycle of consumer electronics and reduce environmental risk. More and more people are concerned about carbon footprints and the impact on the environment. Yes there may be ways to recycle discarded products but at CompAsia, they believe the cheapest and easiest method of recycling is to actually reuse instead of discarding and adding to the computer equipment waste of the world. Well, I believe that too, if something can still be used why not use it till the very end of its life.

For more information about CompAsia, just head to or for the latest promotions! There’s a selfie contest going on right now, try it out.

10 Responses to CompAsia Expands To The Philippines

  1. HEY THIS IS SO NICE Already the market is flooded with poorly repaired phones that often leave buyers with defective units. With CompAsia, this gives us a chance to own premium products knowing quality service was provided and even better, it comes with one year warranty!

  2. This is something new. I honestly never heard of them, but thanks to you now I am familiar with them already and I am glad that they revive refurbished phones because we need it now a days like what you said it is a great help for our planet.

  3. I think it’s an amazing idea. I’ve never heard of this company. Now that we have so many devices with so many components that can have bad materials, it’s really a problem for environment. I think CompAsia is doing a really great job there, and the grades are a nice idea. I’d be interested to attend one of their conference

  4. This is amazing! I’m all for recycling and reusing things, great for the environment. Glad that this company has expanded to the Philippines. Hope it becomes more well known 😀

  5. With the people always wanting an upgrade of their gadgets, I can’t imagine how high the pile is of unused gadgets. It’s great to know that there is a company who have thought of reusing, recycling gadgets and minimize the waste brought about by technology.

  6. This is so amazing. I am not aware that there’s a company that makes phones like this. I hope they will make more and a lot of people will patronize their products.

  7. With the growth of tech, e-waste is a very real thing. More and more things get updated, upgraded and remodelled that the amount of junk increases across all platforms and brands. This is a great initiative to save the environment

  8. Recycling mobile devices & pcs ist such a common thing here. I know people sell & buy online , but here every phone shop like Vodafone or Moviestar takes back used mobiles , even broken , for reusing the parts. We live in a society that produces too much trash anyway , so recycling should be mandatory.

  9. That looks really useful especially in this day and age where electronic gadgets become outdated every year. It’s good news to hear they’re expanding here and go to Philippines. That means better phones at an affordable cost and this solves where we dispose our old phones. I hope everyone will take advantage of this opportunity. 🙂

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