DocLab Hyaluronic Acid Face Ampoule Review

DOCLAB ampoules from Korea, can this reduce my fine lines and wrinkles and reverse aging? I'm waiting for my Pobling Ion Applicator from #altheakorea to use together with this very premium Hyaluronic Acid #kbeauty #clozette #beauty #ampoule #skincare #bb

Recently, I received a box of DocLab Hyaluronic Acid Face Ampoule to try out, 5 bottles like the pic above. First, some info about this new product!

DocLab Face Ampoule is meant to boost the skin’s moisture and provides a deep hydration with their Hyaluronic Acid technology. Now I’ve heard a lot about HA, and in fact, when I first started using products with HA years ago, it really did improved my skin and stopped crazy breakouts. DocLab’s ampoule also contained Collagen and Ginseng Extract as ingredients, and it aims to restore skin suppleness and elasticity, basically, making theskin smoother and as well as protecting theskin from excessive chemical from other cosmetic products.

Here’s the summary of the benefits of our Face Ampoule :

-Skin moisture boost and deep hydration with Hyaluronic Acid
-Restore skin suppleness and elasticity with Collagen
-Retexturize skin, smoothen fine lines and reduce wrinkles with Ginseng Extract
-Natural anti oxidant and skin protection with Vitamin E
-Powerful skin whitening and lightening with Arbutin
-Skin soothing and refining with Witch Hazel Extract and Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

So you’ve probably read that I already have so many steps in my skincare, now wanna add ampoule, where to add the ampoule step? No worries as DocLab even teaches us the exact steps, edited with my own additional steps.

Day: Cleanse –> Tone –>Ampoule –> Serum -> Moisturiser –> Sunblock –> Makeup

Treatment: Cleanse –> Tone –> Ampoule –> mask –> Moisturiser

Night: Cleanse –> Tone –> Ampoule –> Serum ->Night cream

Ok I still add the serum even though DocLab claims that their ampoule is so effective that you don’t really need any serum with it at all. I just prefer to add more! Also, a bottle of ampoule must be used up in a day once opened, so I just use it for day and then for night. The amount is just right. It is also recommended to use it continuously for 14 days for the first treatment, thereafter only 2-3 times a week is fine.

The texture is very watery, in fact, when applied I don’t feel a difference with water. There is really no scent, no smell, it’s not sticky nor oily. The bottle is just like those ampoules I get from facial saloons, usually they are really expensive.
Anyways, so I used up 5 bottles in a row in 5 days. The verdict? Honestly, by the end of the week I felt my sebum was more controlled and makeup went on more effortlessly, definitely my skin was more hydrated. Of course, I couldn’t see any anti-ageing benefits like lines or crow’s feet reduced in the short time, I believe as they recommended, I should have used for 14 days not just 5.

The ampoule is made of only natural ingredients, collagen, HA, ginseng so I believe it would surely work if used according to their methods as these are ingredients our skin needs daily.

The good news is the pricing, one box of Doclab’s Hyaluronic Acid Face Ampoules contains 5 bottles and retails at only RM138 per box. Get a TWIN PACK and it’s only RM236 instead of RM276! Also, there’s a RM50 discount exclusive just for you! Redemption mechanic as follows:

Contact or what’s app Ms. Lim at 019-206 2386
Use Promo Code: ‘doclabbeauty’
Valid till June, 30 2016

For more information on Doclab’s Hyaluronic Acid Face Ampoules, please visit their Website or Facebook Page

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