Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review from an iPhone User

I must first let you know that I am an iPhone user and had always been from the iPhone 3GS onwards. I had never looked twice at an Android phone, but I must admit, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, it’s something different from the pack, I can say, it is the best Android phone on the market. This is not going to be a very techy review, I only used the phone for about 3 weeks and within that time, I didn’t get to go to the waterpark to test it out. So weird as I went to Sunway Lagoon just before getting the phone and again just after giving back the phone. Talk about timing.

Here’s a little Unboxing video first just to show you what’s in the box and how the box is like. I like the magnetic box, very cool black design.

The first distinct thing to note about the phone is the curved screen which sets it apart from everyone else. I kept seeing this phone in Kdramas last year and noticed the amazing curved edge. Design wise, they hit the sweet spot for sure. I reviewed the gold version, and now there’s even a pink Gold version out in the market. The whole body feels solid and not scratch-able like the iPhone that I carried it securely without the need for protective cover. Of course, it doesn’t mean it won’t be cracked if you drop it, thankfully I didn’t. The screen and back body though will attract smudges and fingerprints, just wipe it off it was fine with me. The 5.5-inch screen is just perfect for my hands, though I love the Note for drawing, the S7 as a phone is the perfect size.

At that size, it is actually the same screen size as the iPhone 6 plus, why did I used to think that was too big? The Samsung however boasts 2,560×1,440 pixels compared to iPhone 6S 1,920×1,080 pixels. When you look at the screen, it is just super super clear, like it is jumping out of the screen. My iPhone 6 became really small next to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

I know the iPhone 6 is not a match for the Samsung S7 what more iPhone 6s. We will need to compare it with the next gen iPhone 7. What the Samsung Galaxy S7 win hands down is in the battery life. It has a non-removable 3,600mAh battery that lasts and lasts and lasts. For once in my life, I never had to worry about bringing out my powerbank. As for my iPhone 6, I have to charge it full in the night, and by the end of the day charge it again else it would be flat. If only all phones have such a powerful battery, it was tested to run 20 hours of video on the battery by CNet. Recharding it didn’t take long either. With the special adapter that comes with the set, the phone can do fast charging from 0-100 in less than 2 hours. So convenient really.

The other winner for the Samsung is the water and dust resistant feature. That’s another feature I wish my own phone has because I spend so much on casing just to get it protected, and once my old iPhone spoil due to dust and water entering the headphone jack. It literally means I can use this phone in the rain, in the shower, or in the pool. It can last only up to 30 minutes or 1.5 meters under so don’t think it means you can just leave it underwater for hours. Somehow, Samsung has found a way to seal off the inside components yet allowing the micro USB port and earphone jacks open, can’t wait for the day all phones are like this too.

The cameras front and back are great too, with a 12MP rear and 5 MP Front cam, in fact, most people think they look great on my phone after I wefie with them. It will create a smooth look for your skin and somehow the lens is a little bit fish eye, where more of the actual background can enter the shot compared to my iPhone. I did not test the camera extensively, just used it for events and selfies and product shots. It has this ability to make your face shine brighter somehow, I really wonder how they do it. It’s like a beauty cam. The movies I made with this phone has nice effects for selection too. It can add romantic fairytale mood to the video that is made entirely on the phone. I miss that feature a lot.

The effects of the back camera is really nice, this photo can pass off for one taken from a DSLR no?

Lee Kwang Soo of Running Man fame gives us 7 reasons to own this phone too. Although this phone only has internal memory of 32gb, it can expand with an microSD Card up to 200Gb. I’m not sure though if such a huge microSD card exists. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is offered at the recommended retail price of RM3,099 (inclusive of 6% GST), the Galaxy S7 edge is available in four colour options – Black Onyx, Silver Titanium, Gold Platinum and the latest Pink Gold.

samsung s7
There’s the sister phone Samsung Galaxy S7 and you can see the comparison between these two. The S7 without the Edge sells for a lower price of RM2699. After using this phone, I can honestly say, hey Android phone is not that bad after all, I really wouldn’t mind to use this as my main phone in the long run.

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23 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review from an iPhone User

  1. hahahah really bad timing I would say…Never been an Iphone user…but that impression you gave me on the battery is very strong…and i love the vividness of its display…thanks dear for the write up..

  2. I needed this review because in two minds whether to go for Samsung Glaaxy or wait for iPhone 7…Will consider Samsung then.

  3. Guess once an iOS user you’ll never go back to android lol no reason to also because iOS has better functions

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