XING Hotpot & BBQ – C180 Food Review

What is better then a buffet? Well, a hotpot and bbq buffet of course! Cook your own food from a unlimited amount of meat, seafood, noodles, vege and more, that was what we did at Xing Hotpot & BBQ at C180 that overlooks the colourful water fountain during dinner times.

The rate for adults is only RM45 while kids are half priced, which is RM22.50. The main selling point of Xing Hotpot compared to other steamboat is their live seafood, particularly the tiger prawns.
You literally have to fish it out yourself from this aquarium, a bit scary for me, so do bring someone who dare to do this with you when you dine here! Once you fish out the prawns, remember to keep them covered with another plate coz they actually do jump about. They actually refill the live prawns every 30 min so be on standby to catch them early coz they are the hottest dish here. Else, my personal tip is come early, they open by 5.30pm anyways and when we went at that time, we get to choose everything as there’s not many people that time, the place only filled up slowly closer to 7pm.

Other live seafood include clams and escargots. These creatures literally wiggled on the bbq rack when we tried cooking them. Not for the faint hearted.

On every table, you will get these two cooking equipment, the bbq stove and the hotpot which we could choose any 2 soup we like. Soup can also be changed later during the meal and replenished as well. I am actually not used to cooking on the rack type of bbq with gas powered fire, the only bbq I had been uses those plate grill ala Korean BBQ which we can put some oil on before cooking. For the wire grill like this, we cannot put oil else the fire will just swallow up the meat, a few times our fire actually jumped up so don’t let kids sit next to the grill.

Except the live seafood, all the other meat are well marinated, nevertheless and assortment of sauces are available according to taste. We are assigned waiters that are very helpful to get these for us even though most things are supposedly self service.

Don’t forget to order some meat, these are lamb, beef and pork meat slices that we can cook in the hotpot. The meat slices are not laid out with the rest of the buffet spread as they want to ensure freshness so they are only served from the kitchen when ordered.

Let’s get cooking! I much preferred the food from the grill then the hotpot to be honest, as I find the taste so much more unique and better, even though the grill can be harder to use.

There’s even raw oysters and snow crab, plus scallops which tasted great grilled. Besides these, there are even bamboo shells, squid, shrimps, mussels, different types of clams, fish and more.

For meat lovers, all kinds of satay meat is available, all well marinated and ready to be bbq.

For the steamboat, there is a large array of meatballs, fishballs, crabsticks, sausages, the list is pretty endless.

All types of noodles and veggie is available, we could even have cooked our own spaghetti with the noodles and mushrooms but actually we didn’t even really eat these as we were filled to the brim with meat and seafood.

Besides food they needs to be cooked ourselves, they have a table of cooked food as well, from noodles to meat rolls, nuggets to salad, food that is more suitable for kids.


It’s definitely fun for families to dine together here for any dinner or special occasions cooking together and sharing the love. I’d definitely go back again!

For more information, please head to their Facebook page.


E-UG-10, Centerstage, Dataran C180,
Jalan C180/1, 43200 Cheras
Tel: 018-282 6688 / 016-561 7301
Business hours: 5:30pm – 12am

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  1. wow… it must be such an experience fishing for your own meal even if it is just from the aquarium…. would love a chance to do that too… and will check this out when am in Cheras area….

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