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Hei Hei! Ramadan is starting next week 6 June, bet many will be wondering where to buka puasa during the holy month. Fret not, one of the nicest place you can break fast is at Hei Sushi in Alamanda Putrajaya which was recently certified Halal too. Hei Sushi is popular amongst diners around Putrajaya and Kajang but if you want to go out of your way a bit to try out the special East Meet West Japanese food, then this is the best option for sure. Alamanda is actually not that far away, it’s a little bit after IOI City Mall which I believe many people are frequenting anyways.

The Ramandan Sets started early since May 23 and will continue until July 31, 2016 so there is a lot of time to come and try out this mouth watering value for money deals. The Ramadan Special Sets are only available in the evening from 6pm-9.30pm daily. They consist of 3 set meals designed to suit the Ramandan and Raya celebration with either your friends, colleagues or families.

First is the Ramadan Set A, at a reasonable price of RM19.90, customers get to enjoy an appetiser, a main course, a glass of refreshing soda. It will come with dates and a choice of salad or miso soup and the Red Passion soda with cherry, syrup and chia seeds with the option to choose your Main Course.

Ramadan Set A with Katsu Jyu with a choice of sauce from Curry, Teriyaki or Spicy Peanut. I love the crispy breaded skin of the chicken that paired so well with any of the sauce, teriyaki being my favourite.


In this set, Diners can also choose other mains like:
Tori Jyu
1) Tori Jyu – This is served with rice and bbq chicken which is really tasty with the sauce.
2) Tori Inaniwa Udon – The Udon is really good! Josiah can finish up all the udon as he just loves it so much. The chicken is tastefully seasoned and the udon is dressed in teriyaki garlic sauce which made it so fragrant.
3) Tenzaru Inaniwa Udon This is like seafood tempura or deep-fried breaded prawn with assorted vegetable served with udon noodles in teriyaki garlic sauce which is a really nice and satisfying main dish.


For the bigger eater or for sharing, there’s always Ramadan Set B for 1 Pax that comes with the extra side dish option all for only RM25.90. Diners can choose the side dish from
1) Spider Maki which is a classic Maki delight prepared with crispy soft shell crab and juicy snow crabstick.
2) Otak-Otak Harumaki – This dish is really special, you probably can’t find this elsewhere. It’s the chef’s signature tempura maki layered with fried seaweed, sweet Japanese omelette and cucumber complete with a twist of the Malaysian Otak-otak. We can’t have enough of this and requested the chef for more.
3) Sunshine Maki – This is another special maki creation made of crisp golden tempura prawn layered with sweet mango slices and flying fish roe. The mango is really sweet and the combination makes me salivate for me as mango is my fav fruit of all time.
01 Ebi Tempura
4) Ebi Tempura – Opt for this side dish for a more classic Japanese dish of lightly battered fried prawn served with dipping sauce.
The main dishes have one extra option not found in Set A; diners can choose:

1) Katsu Jyu (Same as Set A)
2) Tori Jyu (Same as Set A)
3) Kaisen Inaniwa Udon -  – This dish comes with assorted seafood, salmon, prawn, scallop and squid served with udon in teriyaki garlic sauce, you can see how large is the prawn, it’s super fresh too.
4) Tenzaru Inaniwa Udon (Same as Set A)
5) Tori Inaniwa Udon (Same as Set A)

Set C is highly recommended if you are coming in a group of 4 pax, for only RM129.90 you get a lot more option and a better deal. Diners can enjoy a wide range of mouth-watering main course selections as well as an option of 2 out of an array of enticing side dishes such as:
1) Spider Maki (Same as Set B)
2) Hei Maki (Same as Set B)
3) Sunshine Maki (Same as Set B)
4) Hana Neta – This is an irresistable deep-fried sushi roll topped with air-flown fresh salmon, butterfish and tuna, sashimi and sushi lovers would love this so much.
5) Tempura Moriawase – Another classic Japanese dish, this is a dish of lightly battered fried soft shell crab, prawn and assorted vegetables served with dipping sauce and grated radish, I love the generous amount presented.
6) Temari Combo – This is another really special sushi, ball shaped platter of sushi combination of Inari Temari, Tako Temari, Tori Salada Temari, Hana Temari, Ebikko Temari and Maguro Mentai Temari, all with fresh and tantalising ingredients.
7) Sashimi Platter (3 kinds) – I love sashimi and it is a must order for me everytime I visit Hei Sushi, enjoy this assortment of fresh air-flown Atlantic Salmon, Tuna and Butterfish.

For this set, diners can choose 4 Main course selections from the list which include:
1) Hei Tori Specialty – This main meal is an intertwining of local and Japanese and western flavours, with a specialty grilled chicken, mango salad, pulut onigiri and spicy peanut sauce or better known as satay sauce. An amazing burst of flavours!
2) Tori (Chicken) – This is another grilled chicken dish with mushrooms, steamed vegetables, pulut onigiri and satay sauce, quite alike the previous dish.
3) Shake Kara + White Rice – Who doesn’t love grilled salmon? I know I do, this is served on temptingly hot and spicy sauce with rice. The salmon is a generous portion indeed.
4) Ika Kara + White Rice – One can also opt for squid instead of salmon, this is Grilled Squid accompanied by hot and spicy sauce, so delicious!
5) Kaisen Inaniwa Udon (Same as Set B)
6) Tenzaru Inaniwa Udon (Same as Set A & B)
7) Tori Inaniwa Udon (Same as Set A & B)
8) Saba Kara + White Rice – Another fav of mine, the Saba fish or mackerel grilled with onion in hot and spicy sauce served with white rice. Yes, all the sauces are spicy sambal like but not too spicy till I can’t enjoy it properly, with just the right kick!

Come and enjoy a wonderful significant buka puasa sessions with family, friends and loved ones to make it a Ramadan to remember with Hei!

For more information:

Hei Sushi
Alamanda Shopping Mall
Jalan Alamanda, Presint 1,
62000 Putrajaya.
Tel : 03-8893 1066

Facebook : www.facebook.com/Hei-Sushi-Malaysia

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