My Top 5 Favourite Rides in Sunway Lagoon

The school holidays are fast coming up and what I really want to do is have a thrilling time with my kids at Sunway Lagoon. Sunway Lagoon boasts over 90 rides and attractions plus there’s even the new Nickelodeon theme park, but let me tell you which are my top 5 favourite ones!

1) The Vuvuzela

I love this massive water park ride that one can see from far away, bright orange and yellow giant Vuvuzela structure that beckons me to enter. I love that I don’t have to ride this alone, I can go on it with a group on the float, plus this ride is too thrilling to be missed.
If you always wonder how it feels like to fly, with nothing attached to you, no strings no lines, then give this one a go, coz besides twisting and turning inside the massive corn, you will be sent flying before taking the plunge at the end of the tunnel. What could be better than this letting your hearts scream out loud, louder than a hundred real vuvuzelas combined.

2) WaterPlexx 5D

This is another wet ride, since we got wet, why not just stay wet? This is a 5D indoor theatre style ride, that you have to wear those 3D glass and watch a short thrilling action film. The 5D comes in where your seats actually vibrate and move to simulate a real situation and water is actually splashed on you, hence it is part of the wet park. I hope the water is err..clean. In for some wet fun with some technology involved, this would be the one to get out of the sun as well.

3) African Pythons
If you’ve also ever wondered how it’s like to be going through the body of a python, well the African Python ride is perfect for you. What’s so thrilling is that it is a covered ride, total darkness while twisting and turning inside, but what’s good is that you don’t ride alone. It’s to be ridden in pairs, so all the more fun eh. You literally see light at the end of the tunnel before being tossed into the pool, very thrilling and fun, I’d go again and again.

5) The Congo Challenge
If you have a lot of friends to race together, The Congo Challenge will be most fun. I’m not sure if the lighter or heavier person will reach first, but maybe it needs some skills to go fastest down the 6 lane water slide on a rubber mat, head first down. Quite an adrenaline rush this one, short and sweet so you can play again and again.

6) The Jungle Fury
With so many favourite rides, it’s hard to choose just five but here’s my last family ride, one we can stick together again, and it’s fun and full of sudden drops, so gotta hang on tight to the handle on the float. This one is found at the Lost Lagoon, so after this we just hung out with Spongebob the splash pool area and soak in some sun.
This school holiday, there are many exciting new packages for small families like mine. FamFUN is one that includes 2 Adult and 2 Children passes, and 4-To-Go that consists of 4 Adult passes for 4 besties to go together, costing RM 390 and RM 456 respectively. From the 28 th of May all the way to the 12 th of June, there will be some extra activities going on like face painting, fireflies parade, and a fairies show, just to name a few from each day’s itinerary. Children will be able to live their dream of growing wings at the Kids Fairy Wings DIY session.

For more information on Sunway Lagoon, call 603 5639 0000 or log on to Sunway Lagoon’s website at or its Facebook page at

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