The Lion Guard Series Preview

Have you watched the Lion Guard on Astro Disney Channel yet? It is currently my kids’ favourite show as they await each new episode that premieres. Last month, we actually attended the series preview at Bangsar Village, and it was a real fun time of bonding with the kids, craft time and of course, movie time. The Lion Guard is actually the continuation from The Lion King movie with Kion, the son of Simba and Nala as the lead.


The Lion Guard story is beautiful as it’s about animals that are not the expected ones nor seem like the strongest ones being chosen to preserve the pride lands. Basically, they are made up of different animals with their own skill setand they are all friends of Kion. It has a good educational value for me, because in life, I believe we shouldn’t be choosing friends or leaders or team members based on their physical looks and abilities as judged by the world, but also based on their other characters. Sometimes the smallest one like the bird who has the keenest eyesight will be a great commodity to your team. Kion also showed his courage by choosing non lions as his team members despite the traditional rules, basically it showed unity in diversity.


“The Lion Guard” features an all-star voice cast, which includes James Earl Jones and Ernie Sabella reprising their memorable roles from “The Lion King” as Mufasa and Pumbaa, respectively, alongside Rob Lowe as Simba and Gabrielle Union as Nala. Max Charles stars as Kion. The voice cast also includes Joshua Rush as Bunga; Atticus Shaffer as Ono; Diamond White as Fuli; and Dusan Brown as Beshte.


Our moms and kids were really busy colouring and make lion masks on that morning.


Some special refreshments just for the little ones. I love the PR who knows how to cater to the kids.


During the preview, the kids participated in a short contest to show their roar. Kids also can join the Facebook “Show Us Your Roar” campaign on the Disney Channel Asia Facebook page ( Josiah did submit his roar earlier and his video aired on Disney Channel during the premiere! Check the video above.

“The Lion Guard” series will also air on Disney Junior later on in the year. Ford Riley (“Special Agent Oso”) developed the series and serves as executive producer. Howy Parkins (“Jake and the Never Land Pirates”) is the director.

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