Cremorlab T.E.N. Cremor Mineral Treatment Essence and Fresh Water Gel Review

I received my first surprise parcel from Watsons Malaysia recently, introducing me to Cremorlab’s two star products, the T.E.N. Cremor Mineral Treatment Essence and the Face Fresh Water Gel. After using them daily day and night for about a month now, I can give you my thoughts on these products. Firstly though, how pretty can the packaging get? I was like so thrilled when I opened the beautiful parcel too. The white box with doodle patterns on it is just calling me to go colour it or something.

Cremorlab is a brand from Korea, once again I am falling in love with all Korean skincare brands, most of them are of great quality and totally suitable for my skin. Cremorlab’s strong point lies in the fermented thermal water, known as T.E.N. (Thermal water therapy, Eco-energy, and Natural nourishment) thermal water that is harnessed from Geumjin(금진), Korea and is a special mineral-rice healing water. T.E.N. is the basic foundation of all of Cremorlab’s products that is focused mainly on hydration. The bottle of Mineral Treatment Essence itself boasts a 5 in 1 solution for our skin, read on for more reasons to love this brand.

The Mineral Treatment essence comes in a plastic bottle so it’s light enough to carry for travels. The bottle is just pretty, what can I say. I use this daily after my cleanser and toner, and the way to use it is just to pour on my palms and pat in on the skin. Some might prefer to use a cotton pad, and gently glide it on. I will tell you another method later too. Basically, the 5 in 1 solution for this essence are:
1) Highly Effective Hydrating 

The hydration is superb, I can really feel it upon the first use. Compared to the days when I only use toner and then straight to moisturiser, using this essence manage to make my skin don’t feel so dry and tight, it remains supple and has less sebum production too. Their R&D research claims that it increases 33% moisture content in the skin, really impressive.
2) Skin Texture Care

Apparently, the 10 nanoparticle of T.E.N. is able to maximse absorbtion of other skincare into the skin, thus whatever I put on my skin after using this essence gets greater benefits and not just lie on the skin surface. This in turn will lead to a more radiant and firm skin with prolonged use. 
3) Pore Care

I am forever searching for pore care products and carrying out my least-overt beauty product testing for some time now, in fact my cleanser, toner etc are all for pore care, that is because my skin produces like tonnes of sebum for so many years without being taken care of and led to giant pores all over my skin that no makeup can cover. I had been taking pics of my skin close up and have not seen any huge difference, but when I went to facial recently, my therapist did exclaim that my pores don’t producce as much sebum as before and is less apparent, well I hope so. I had been using this product about a month, but because it’s a huge bottle, I have only used up like 1/10 of it. I hope to see a greater difference after finishing it months from now.
4) Whitening
5) Anti-wrinkle effect

Besides being a 5 in 1 solution, the magic of this bottle is that it is also free from 5 things: paraben, artificial colour, mineral oil, petrolatum and benzophenone, all the terrible things found in most beauty and skincare products that do not declare being free from it. Plus plus plus points for Cremorlab, I want to be able to use 100% paraben free products for sure one day.
One shake of the bottle as I pour gives the exact and right amount for my whole face. The water is just like water, no smell and not sticky in any way, it applies on easily and gets absorbed fairly quickly.
On days that I need to do a quick mask, I use it with Watsons Compressed DIY facial mask sheet, that looks like tablet.
The tablet fits perfectly into the cap of the mineral essence, and then I just pour enough of the essence to make the mask tablet puff up and cover it completely.
After that, just open up the mask and put it on for 5-10 min as an extra treatment for the skin. I wish I have time to do this daily as I read, using the essence this way increases the moisture of the skin 10x compared to just patting it on. It also makes me feel better if I skipped using mask for that day. This is really my quick rescue method for dry skin, especially in today’s hot hot hot weather that forces us to hide in air-conditioned rooms day and night.

So after using the essence, I will go ahead and use a couple of serums and eye cream and end my skincare step with the T.E.N. Cremor for Face Fresh Water Gel, which is the moisturiser. This gel type moisturiser is highly effective for hydrating, soothing and smoothing for all skin types.

I am quite particular about the texture of moisturisers I use, I hate them if they are sticky and heavy but that is the total opposite of this fresh water gel, just from the name given you can gauge what it is like. It is basically very lightweight and has super hydrating properties. The gel is whitish and has not weird smell at all. If the essence increases the moisture content in skin by 33%, well this super gel is found to increase it by 63%, all thanks to the researches done by The Catholic University in Korea. By the way it also contains Bulgarian Rose oil that is like the queen of all essential oils, I keep finding this oil being used in nearly all hydrating products you know. Well coz Bulgarian Rose Oil is well known for its moisturising and soothing benefits. Maybe that is why when I put on this cream, I immediately feel the soothing effect, it just glides on smoothly on the skin, allowing me to do a simple lifting massage too, and slowing letting it absorb completely. Besides that it also contains natural plant extracts, namely witch hazel, greenteal extract, Rose-canina fruit extra, all for the moisturising benefits.
A little goes a long way, and this jar of 100ml is actually quite big, even using it day and night, I think it can last me about 3-5 months.


I cannot live without mineral essence anymore! Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence retails for RM136.80 (270ml) while the Face Fresh Water Gel retails for RM126.20 (100ml).  Cremorlab is exclusively available at selected Watsons stores such as Alamanda, One Utama, Paradigm, The Mines, Citysquare JB, KLCC and Suria Sabah, and of course, on Watsons Malaysia Online store. For more info, check out the Watsons Facebook page too.

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  1. The product makes me feel really soothing and moisturizing though I did not try before. Will check this product out as I’m currently in skincare product survey as well. .

  2. Everytime I look at the packaging I fall in love with it Love the artwork on it.
    So lazy to do facial stuff lately, my skin looks like old grandma already…

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