Ephyra Skin Nano Advanced Repair Serum Review

Last week, I received this product from Oceanlife Marketing, a local Malaysian company. I seldom use products made locally, but why not, just give it a try as the benefits sounded promising. I’m always looking for serums, boosters or any products that target acne, scars, pores and hydration. I guess that is a lot to ask but this is what this product claim to do.


So let me try to translate that, the benefits listed above:

  1. Reduce Acne

  2. Diminish scars from acne

  3. Firming of the skin

  4. Diminish dark spots

  5. Increase skin radiance

  6. Repair uneven skin tone

  7. Maintain hydration of skin

  8. Diminish puffy under eyes

  9. Repair sunburnt

  10. Give a natural glowing effect

Ok that’s about how I understood the above benefits. It’s a pretty high claim if you ask me but I’m sure there are actually some products out there that can do that. I love that it free from these terrible chemicals and is also suitable for all skin types.


This serum comes in a dark glass jar with a syringe not unlike what is found on Estee Lauder’s famous Advanced Night Repair, but this is on 15 ml form. It is stated that it is using Swiss patented nanotechnology and is proven for whitening, anti-aging and brightening. Nanotechnology is basically saying that the particles are so tiny as in nano sized that it can easily absorb deep into the skin to enhance repair and not just sitting on top of the skin. This nano tech is rather popular now in the beauty skincare industry. Seriously, all skincare should use nanotech, if we are paying so much for a precious bottle of serum, we would want it to be repair our skin all the way to the deepest layer, right to the cell so that the skin can be renewed and protected from all the UV radiation, at the end of the day that’s how it works to prevent aging. This serum is supposed to find free radicals and the aging process by being the effective anti oxidant with the Vitamin E content.

This is the colour of the serum, not transparent but a bit whitish. I’m not sure if there is a hole in my syringe cap, but I find it a bit hard to pump out the serum unlike other bottles I have used, just press once and it fills up the whole syringe.

The steps to use this is to apply on the face after cleansing, however, I would use it after toning and follow up with moisturiser too. Maybe if you only have this product, you might have to just follow the steps mentioned on the box.
The texture is pretty alike most of this gel like serum I had used, it is easily absorbed and not sticky at all. I would either pump one drop on my palms and just apply it all over in upward motion, or if I want to use more product, I will use the syringe and drop it directly on my forehead, both sides of the face, nose and chin and then slowly massage in the serum until it is fullly absorbed. I quite like the silky texture it creates and the non greasiness of the serum, also it has absolutely no scent so that is good.

I have to show you the before and after as it is the requirement of this review, however, I must add that I had only used this serum for a week. I feel it is short a time to reveal the true effectiveness of it, that said, throughout the whole week I did notice no breakouts at all, and of my old acne look less prominent, thought it did not totally diminish the old scars. I am hoping my pores can be smaller after finishing the bottle too, and of course never having to have breakouts again! I also feel less oily as maybe it is hydrating my skin, and less sebum produced.

Most importantly is the price, this serum is quite light on my pocket at only RM88 (West Msia) and RM92 (East Msia), and it is actually only promotion now for RM68 (West Msia) and RM72 (East Msia) for a limited time.

Ephyra Skin Nano Advanced Repair Serum can be purchased online www.oceanlife2u.com or via Whatsapp ke HOTLINE : 019 – 7373770 / 019 -3800779

For more info, just follow them on Facebook : www.facebook.com/oceanlife2u 

Instagram : @ephyra2u

Website : www.oceanlife2u.com

25 Responses to Ephyra Skin Nano Advanced Repair Serum Review

  1. I saw another Beauty Blogger write about this product too! It was my first time to hear of this local brand, it looks effective with so short period of time!

  2. Although you mentioned that you have only used this product for a week, I can already see a great improvement on your skin. I think this is worth considering for my problematic skin.

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