Hotel Review Pullman KLCC Family Suite Home Away from Home

Even though we live in the Klang Valley, we always love going for a short one night stay in a nearby hotel just to experience life in the city and of course to unwind and relax. Well, there couldn’t have been a better hotel to pick than Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel and Residences, located on Jalan Conlay within the Golden Triangle and a walking distance from Pavilion KL. It was my second time visiting this hotel, the first was when I dined at Tai Zi Heen, the Chinese restaurant of Pullman KLCC. We packed our small luggage and checked into the Family Suite at the beginning of the school holidays as a treat to the kids! Little did we know how exciting and amazing the hotel would be, read on to find out why I say that.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, than a video maybe two thousand. We checked into Room 1931 located on the very high 19th floor, and here you can join me for a little tour of the whole apartment. Yes it is more of an apartment than a room as it has everything your home would have, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a master room, and a kids room, and most important of all, 2 bathrooms with bathtubs! Some of the features of this 2 BEDROOM FAMILY SUIIE is: 1 King Size Bed and 1 Bunk Bed, 107 m² (1150 sq. ft.) Residence, Free breakfast for 4, Kids Bean Bags, Free WiFi Internet, with Exclusive Access to Living Space, Kids Room with Playstation, 32” LCD TV, Shower and Bathtub, Daily Housekeeping using the Maid Easy process, creating a quicker and more efficient cleaning process, 2 Extra Beds possible. Let’s visit every space in detail! Room card is need to access the apartment floors and the car park too so security can be assured. For complete cleaning of your house, I use Maid2Match bond cleaners as their services are budget friendly and as they provide a spotless cleaning service.


Upon entrance into the suite, we have a place to store our bags and shoes and a large mirror for to check yourself before going in and out, then immediately there is the dining area with chairs for four.
We enjoyed some noodles before going for a swim.


Just next to the dining room we have the full kitchen, and when I say full I mean you can just cook anything in this kitchen. It is fully equipped with a microwave oven and a stove, a kettle and even a grater. In the cabinets and drawers are serving plates, eating plates, fork and spoons, cooking utensils and more. I found everything that I needed in this little kitchen.

Check out the designs of Kitchen Capital kitchen designer and give your kitchen a new look today.
The kids got hungry very quickly while staying in the hotel, you know, with all the running around and swimming they did, so the kitchen came in really handy for me to cook some macaroni for them.

The kids love Macaroni and cheese and enjoyed our own in room dining in between lunch and dinner.

The master room has a King Sized bed with large fluffy oversized pillows!
The large window in the master room looks out into Pavilion KL. I love watching the night traffic from above, it is nice to not be stuck in the traffic for once. Their Residential window cleaning service must be exceptional as the window was spotless and also soo clear, that I could see the entire city from there clearly without any issue.

The room is so well equipped with everything we could possibly need, ironing board and iron, torch light, hairdryer, room sandals, and laundry bag. There’s even a laundry basket in the room so we don’t have to throw our dirty clothes around.
The bed is super comfy and there are various magazines for us to read too, of course my favourite is Airasia’s 3Sixty.

The master room has another smaller LCD TV just for the parents to enjoy when the kids go to bed. Nice touch.

There is a personal bathroom for the adults, hooray. My kids are always using the bathtub when we stay in hotels so we usually ended up not having the time to enjoy it ourselves, so now we have our own bathroom and bathtub while they can enjoy their own in their room. We even have bathrobs so soft to relax in after a warm bath. Have you ever tried this luxury from Superior Shower Door & More?

When the kids were all asleep at midnight, it was the perfect time to soak in a bubble bath with a glass of hot chocolate from the Living Space. The Living Space is a dedicated dining area for apartment guests only and offers complimentary hot drinks until the closing hour at 1 am. We actually requested for the hot choc at 12.55am and the staff still obliged to make some for us. Hot drinks such as any type of coffee and tea are also available, and what’s best, it is located next to the pool, so we can have drinks at the pool side too. More about the dining and other facilities in the next post ya.

For those who prefer a quick shower, there is another shower area in the master room bathroom.

I was pleasantly surprised that the toiletries are not those nameless generic types found in most hotels; they actually gave us quality shower gel and shampoo from C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries. I so love the shampoo and the lotion that made my skin feel so smooth after a bath.

Lots of extra sanitary kits available that we actually don’t need to pack our own toiletry bag at all.

The living area is so large with a full set of comfortable sofa that we could even sleep in. What is most beautiful is the curved window. There is no balcony area for this room but the large windows let us have a pretty breathtaking view of KL city. As soon as I get home, I am going to buy roman blinds online for our house. The roman blinds in the hotel were extremely easy to use and they even allowed us to get our daytime privacy without being disturbed.

Me and Jordan just enjoy looking out at the little people outside and checking out what’s on those building rooftops.

There’s a work table in the living room, suitable for business people who just have too much work to do even while on vacation.

The living room is well equipped with a 32” LCD TV with a DVD player, so bring your own DVDs if the many channels on TV ain’t enough.

Just like the living room in our homes, the living area is a place to just relax and have a drink while taking in the surroundings.

Saving the best for last, what excites the kids most is the Bunk Bed in the kids’ room.

Both my boys never slept in bunk beds before, but when they saw this one, both of them wanted to sleep on top. Of course, for safety reasons, I only allowed Josiah to sleep on the top tier but actually, the bed is really safe as the bed rail is high enough to not allow him to topple over. The steps used are also safe enough, not those ladder type.

The kids’ room has got to be the most fun, with big and small bean bags lying around, and lots of toys and stuffed toys and books to occupy their curiousity. What’s more, there’s even a PS4 and their own large TV in the room! I think the kids spent most of their time in this room as there are just so many things to explore and play with. Jordan also played with the PS4 for the first time in his life with some Lego games. We could change the games at The Zone, each guest can request two game discs at a time. The Zone is a play area for kids that used to be known as the Kids Club. More on that in my next post!

There were lots of Peter and Jane books and some big books for younger kids, I thought it was such a nice addition to the room as we didn’t have to miss our bedtime stories with the kids. We don’t have to carry heavy books to the hotel ourselves.

The kids’ room has their own attached bathroom, not a mini one but a fullly equipped one with their own bath tub and bath toys and even special mickey mouse head to toe bath gel. The kids couldn’t wait to jump into the bubble bath!

Josiah was quick to point out he wants the blue colour bath robe, of coz, Jordan doesn’t want to wear the pink one either! Boys being boys.

We don’t usually sleep all night with the air-cond on, so I was really happy that all room air-cond in this suite can be manually controlled. We actually just let the living room air-cond on and turn off the room ones at night so that it won’t be too cold.

As if all the cool facilities inside the suite was not enough, we heard the door bell rang and a surprise came through the door, in the form of some sweets and Magnum ice cream! The boys got excited.

Even though my kids don’t really eat sweets, but it was still fun to receive it. We only ate the ice cream, marshmallows and watermelon. Pullman KLCC Family Suite is really child friendly and child oriented. As parents, it just makes our day to see and hear our kids’ laughter and joy. Watch the video to experience their pure excitement when entering the suite. Stay tuned for the next post when I will share with you the rest of the facilities like the pool, The Zone, The Living Space and also the buffet Dinner at Eccucino.

For more information or room reservations, log on to or email to or call +603-2170 8888.

Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Center
No.4, Jalan Conlay,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,
+603- 2170 8888  

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  1. children bed so awesome ! Yes away from home not away from the city. I bet you can see the KL view in there, but you can more full view in look out ampang point KL, no traffic jammmmm hhahhahaha unles in midnight la.. nice review !

  2. this is such a nice escapade , a little get away from the norms of life and your boys definitely looked like they had a load of fun… would love to check it out sometime… thanks for the share and I love your pictures

  3. looks nice! both your boys look so cute la. my girlfriends and i are looking for place like this – somewhere in KL for our birthday celebration, hopefully they have different suite but as cozy as your family suite.

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