Resorts World Genting Kids Blogger Recruitment

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Good news! Resorts World Genting RWG is recruiting new kid bloggers. In case you didn’t know, Josiah is a RWG Kid Blogger and you can read up on his adventures on his very own blog that I set up since before he was born. Josiah and I together with our whole family had gone to Genting so many times last year, and this year we will be going again soon.

With friends and their kid bloggers

The target group age is from 8 to 15 years old. I think this is a great learning opportunity for schooling kids to join them and be exposed to outside of classroom learning. Experience is always more important than just learning from academic books. At the end of events, our kid bloggers would go home and write down all the things they remember from their memory, and kids really can remember well.


Approved Kid Bloggers will get: 

-Exclusive invitation to Resorts World Genting events

-Certificate of appointment + T Shirt

-Attend How to Blog classes

-A chance to be amongst the first batch of children to access Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park

-Complimentary merchandises of Resorts World Genting during events

Parents and kids get to meet so many new friends outside of school and work.

So basically, it is not just for those who already blog, but open to all kids who want to be part of it, even for those who have no idea how to blog. Though seriously, I think kids nowadays learn so fast with these tech stuffs, it is just too easy for them to pick it up. Writing or blogging is a great way too for them to express themselves, or some may call it journaling. Their blog don’t have to be just about Genting events, they can write about anything in their life!

Those who are interested but without a blog site, they may just submit their details to the friendly Genting PR who will then guide them to create a new blog site later on as there will be classes held in Genting to teach the kid bloggers the basic how-tos on starting a blog, taking pics, uploading them, linking them, social media and so on.

Please submit your details according to the above flyer to or just ask me anything you need to know.

22 Responses to Resorts World Genting Kids Blogger Recruitment

  1. Kids nowadays have so much more opportunities than kids of my time. Frankly, I am feeling a little jealous, because I don’t have a child! LOL

  2. yeah, good to let friends know of this. I have friends with interest but just not free time now to do, homework and activities for kids getting more.

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