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In this day and age, we are always concerned about the safety and security of our home, Kwikey Locksmith Services, INC. premier services getting popular! If you are looking for modern home security technology, check out about counter-drone | sixtech systems that create the protective shield around the object. Even if you live in a gated community, you can’t fully depend on the security guard to watch your homes from possible break-ins. That is where most people want to look for a good alarm system for the home. However, alarm installation can be a hastle as we need to install so much wiring all over the house. If possible, I’d go with a wireless alarm system, and I just found out that it is so easy to install with this new brand, Onvia Vedo S2 made with technology from Korea.


I really like the looks of the Onvia Vedo Wireless Alarm Systems, which is a full-featured home security platform that installs in just a few minutes. Usually when we think of wireless, we imagine those flimsy types that we just stick on the walls. This is not the same. The Vedo S2 is not only sleek in design and full of features, it also delivers years of dependable, secure protection. It uses an advanced wireless technology that eliminates the hassle of running wires to detectors and sensors. This ensure that we can have a very quick easy installation as well as flexible placement around the house as every house is different in structure.


According to this article on modern security and locks, Onvia Vedo Wireless Alarm system was really created for people who are into DIY. There are no wires to run, and the system programming is simple; which is not to say that wireless security systems are less effective or reliable than a hardwired system. I have problems with my office alarm system, that everytime the alarm goes off, we need to get the installer to come and reset everything again. Vedo S2 does not require that as it is very simply to do the programming.

This is how the products look upon unboxing. All the things needed are inside this box and there are the manuals that you can refer to when needed.

Installation of Vedo S2 takes about 15 minutes. After that, you will need a SIM card and just insert it. After turning it on, you will receive and SMS and a call when there is a break in.


There’s actually a mobile app for Android and iOS that you can sign in and make it easy to monitor your house while you are away.  Just simply insert a SIM card, by then you will receive SMS and call when someone breaks into your house. You can also download Apps to your smart phone, through Apps, you can have a better control over this alarm system.

Here’s how it works


  1. Sim Card Required

Simply insert a regular SIM card with credit into the Vedo S2 via the back panel as pictured, download the app form App Store or Google Play, remotely control the system at your fingertips via text messages or app commands. With intuitive interface design, the app is also easy to operate and could monitor multiple systems.

2. Customized Zone Names The zones name can be customized by user accordingly. The location can be easily recognized.

3. Real – Time Alerts The Vedo S2 stores up to five phone numbers. When the alarm system is triggered, you will get a call and message. You will also get system status messages for power outage, power back up and low batteries.


  • Cellular communication, easy control.

  • Totally wireless, DIY Installation.

  • Up to 50pcs sensors & 10 romote control can be expanded by auto learning.

  • Customized Zone Names to recognize the location.

  • 2 wired zone special for smoke/gas/vibrtion detector, IR beams etc.

  • Preset 3 groups of sms Number & 5 groups of Phone Number to achieve self-monitoring.

  • Immediate SMS alerts for low battery, power lost & power recovery.

  • Battery back-up last for 16 hours to ensure system working properly after power lost.

  • Internal siren sound or mute for optional.

  • 2 way radio, can be used to communicate vocally.

  • By using supplementary sim card and the downloaded mobile app, communication is free. (no extra data charges)

  • ONVIA VEDO S2 Alarm Control by App does not need Wifi/3G/LTE. Just a normal Sim Card for call in/out communication.


Wireless Remote Control

There is the remote control that allows you to control your security system whether you are away or back home. When emergency happens, press the sos button to send an emergency signal to the control panel. In case the lock was damaged – contact your local home locksmith. This remote is quite small so it can actually be doubled taped somewhere in the house like in the kitchen so that it won’t be lost and that everyone knows where to go to press the emergency button. There are two remote so the other one can be brought and attached to your keys or kept in the car.


Wireless P.I.R Motion Detector

This is the motion detector above with passive infrared motion detector and is designed to sense infrared radiation emitted from intruders and send the signal to the control panel.
Wireless Door/Window Sensor


This is the  magnetic sensor for any opening like your home doors and windows. It will send a wireless signal to the control panel, when a door or window is opened. The piece on the left is the transmitter while the small piece is the magnet.


When installing, they need to be placed close together while ensuring the door can still be opened and closed without the 2 piece touching each other.

I can just install it to the top or side of the door so that the alarm will be activated should an intruder come in and open the main door. When the magnet is moved away from the sensor, what happens is the sensor will transmit a signal to the control panel and result in an alarm activation. It’s so easy to install, just using double sided tape.

For those of us with pets in the house, cats or dogs or other animals, the system has a bypass function thus it will not be triggered when the animals walk about. This is really important for me since I have a pet cat.


If you are really interested to enquire about this product, just pay a visit to SecureMart Puchong. This place is like a one stop security shop where you can go and learn about their products, about security and get to know more about how to install them too. If you are intrested in securing your house you can also check out emergency radios whcih can keep your families secure and entertained at the same time.

Worth to pay a visit rather than just let someone into your home to install for you. By the way, Onvia Vedo S2  was shortlisted as the Finalist at IFSEC’s Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2014. Goes to show it is a system that can be trusted. With this system in my home, I think I will feel less worried when travelling or while at work. To locate Securemart Puchong, just key in Securemart CCTV in google map or waze and you’ll be able to locate it easily.

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  1. Since two burglary attempts at my home, I don’t feel safe anymore. I have been meaning to check out a home security system but I am so busy I don’t have the time to shop. This is a helpful post for me.

  2. It is true that nowadays we can never be too careful because we have to be extra careful. And thank God for the wireless application – that will help to save lots of cash. And I hope the system is not too costly.

  3. used and reviewed this product too. Very useful for those who are looking for an effective and cost effective wireless alarm.. my home is already equipped with wired alarm.

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