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Last week, I get to shop on Luxola and picked a few eye makeup for myself to try at home. The shopping on Luxola was pretty easy and I was able to find the products that I really wanted for a long time, Mirenesse eye liners set that I had read a lot about.

In order to get to try more types, I decided to choose the mini liners set so I get a little of all, and I was so pleasantly surprised that the minis are not that small. It is just the right size for me as I do not want to keep my liners for too long anyways.

This is how big the size of each of the liners were. Basically, I am using Mirenesse Mini Secret Weapon Mascara Mania and Mirenesse Mini Secret Weapon Eye Liner Mania

About MIRENESSE Mini Secret Weapon Mascara Mania


1 x Sexy Secret Eye Primer 1.5g- Ideal shadow base, line filler and brightener!
1 x Icon Sealer Concealer 1.5g (Shades: Ice)- The ideal dark circle concealer!
1 x NEW Secret Weapon 24Hr Eye Liner Glossy Black 1.5g
1 x Secret Weapon 24Hr Mascara Original 1.5g (Shades: Black) - Winner 13 Awards Best Mascara!
Key Ingredients:
• Panthenol- Conditions and promotes lash growth

Mirenesse is a fully Australian-owned company; their  products are all cruelty-free and come with the peace of mind of 30 years’ of pharmaceutical research, combining the best of Mother Nature with Clinically Proven active ingredients to give you the best results possible!

Mirenesse Mini Secret Weapon Eye Liner Mania


This set basically contains 4 eyeliners 1.5g in 4 colours:

1 x Secret Weapon 24Hr Eye Liner Baby Blue 1.5g – The perfect shade of blue for your eyes!

1 x Secret Weapon 24Hr Eye Liner Purple Rain 1.5g – The brightest trending colour of the year!

1 x Secret Weapon 24Hr Eye Liner Pure Gold 1.5g – The gold mine of eyeliners!

1 x Secret Weapon 24Hr Eye Liner Glossy Black 1.5g
Key Ingredients: Panthenol, Organic Waxes
Free from: SLS Alcohol, Parabens, Sulphates, Petrolatum, Synthetic Fragrance, Phthalates, Synthetic Dyes, Mineral Oil, GMOs, Mercury, Propylene Glycol

So here goes my little experiment to Get The Eye Look with my new products

Here’s a pic of my bare eyes with nothing on.

I dabbed on the Sexy Secret Eye Primer on the top of my lids to prime it. The Primer has tint on it too, it can actually conceal. Then I use the Icon Sealer Concealer on the bottom of eyes to conceal any lines and dark circles.

I add some Baby Blue liner on the bottom lids. I saw a few tutorials that blue is nice on the bottom lids to open up the eyes, what do you think? I am just trying it out.

Then I use my own brown eyeshadow to just cover the top lids before adding some Purple Rain Eye liner just on top.

I think it’s nicer to draw the Purple liner bigger and covering the whole inner lid.

Then I draw another section with the Pure Gold Liner, I am loving this gold right now, the name is befitting, it looks like real pure Gold!

Then using the Black Liner as the final layer, I drew it on top of the other colours just above the lashes.

Here’s after adding the Mascara before curling.

Here’s the final look with Mascara, lashes curled and eyes open. Thanks, I know I have small eyes and hidden inner lids, but I am loving these eye liners. It is a bit different from using eye shadows, even easier in fact as it does not smudge. The Mireness Eye Liners is very special, after it is dried it becomes like glued together as one piece on your eye. It doesn’t smudge when my eyelids get oily throughout the day. At the same time it is easy to wash off, and it comes out in pieces, like you can actually peel it off. The primers and concealer are so good, great for those with blue veins on their eye lids as it doesn’t add budge to your eyes. What I love most, it is safe and doesn’t contain paraben, you know how sensitive eye skin is, only the best products should go on it.

Oh, special offer for you my beloved readers! Get 15% off using my code BLX-LEONA  on all first time orders made within one month from now. This offer is not valid on non-discountable brands as found in the FAQpage.

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