Shopping Experience at Skechers, Sunway Pyramids

Recently, I asked Skechers if they needed any product reviewers, and I cannot believe it, they do and they engaged me and my family to review their shoes. Each of us, Me and John, Josiah and Jordan gets to collect a pair of shoes from Skechers and I chose to shop at the Sunway Pyramid Branch. This is only my 2nd time shopping at Skechers and my first time at this particular outlet.


It was early in the morning 11am plus so there were no customers in the shop when we entered. I had my 2 boys in tow, and only went after making sure both are in their best of moods! When I went in I went straight to the kids boys section as I promised Josiah he will be getting shoes with blinking lights.


There were two staffs on duty and immediately one of them named Shafiq approached me. To not dilly dally, I told him straight that I am here to collect products for a blog review. At once, he said, Oh so you are the one. I guess they had been awaiting my arrival for some days as the sponsor only informed them that I will be coming but did not reveal the date and time. Shafiq was very friendly and all smiles which put us shoppers at ease. The verification process with my IC was smooth and fast, not even a minute. Shafiq then proceeded to show me the shoes that I can take home, which were all the shoes except the Pro Speed shoes which had the logo SRR on the side.


As Josiah was climbing all over the place, I got Shafiq to get the shoes for Josiah first. One look and he knew Josiah was a size 10. He went to the store and took out a size 10 shoes for Josiah to try and it fit perfectly. He was quite smart as he told me, get the size first then only choose the shoes. So he then showed me all the shoes for that available size. Unfortunately, the shoes with blinking lights which are the Hot Lights and Z Strap were both not available in Size 10. I then decided to get a size up, Size 12 for the Hot Lights.

It’s a little big for Josiah now, although he could wear it and walk around in it. However, nothing beats the happiness and smile on his face when he wore the shoes with blinking lights, he was so excited he started running around the shop and didn’t take the shoes off.

At this point, John had also picked his pair of shoes, which is the Pro-TR. Jordan was already not happy to sit in the stroller, so John had to try his shoes on with Jordan sitting on his lap.

I also started checking out the shoes for Jordan. I had already decided I would not be getting infant shoes as there was only one type and Jordan would not be needing shoes until he could walk, that would be past 1 year old. So I decided to get the Blue Z Strap with Lights for him.

These shoes are really too cool for a baby! Finally then it was my turn to pick my shoes. I had already researched earlier and decided to get a Mary Jane style Shape-ups Liv, something that I can actually run in this and also use it for daily walking, to work, to go hang out etc. I was really glad to find it in the colour and size I wanted.

It so happened that the shoe and my shirt colour matched that day. I liked that the heel is black, others are in white, so it did not look as sporty.
Finally, after confirming all our shoes, Shafiq started packing them into their boxes and processing it.

Nisha appeared to finish up the packing. We told Josiah to call her Kak, but she said she is Makcik as she already have two kids. I liked this kind of personal interaction, she even told us her eldest is already 8.

Nisha was very friendly particularly to Josiah. It’s always a plus point when staffs of a shop show special treatment to our kids.

Nisha gave Josiah 4 tokens to put into the big ball machine which Josiah had been eyeing throughout the shopping time. Josiah was very excited as I believe he was too curious what was inside the little balls.

Inside the balls were actually just little magnets, but all of them were in girly designs. Regardless, Josiah loved them and put them all on our fridge. For him, that is where all magnets should go.

Overall, I really enjoyed the shopping experience and all my initial worries of kids going haywire and not being able to find our right sizes did not come to past. I think this was thanks to the very helpful and friendly staffs.

So this was what we took home! Stay tuned for my reviews for each of these pairs of shoes. Meanwhile, here is a pic of my family (without me in it) and Josiah having fun promoting Skechers a bit.


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