Full Moon for Jordan

Jordan Lu’s full moon came in a jiffy, how fast time flies eh. Last Sunday, which happened to be Easter, we had a ‘makan-makan’ time for some friends to celebrate his turning a month old. Our little house was filled to the brim! Compared to giving out full moon sets, we always prefer opening our house to people, there’s no better time to intro our little boy to the world and bring on the noise, joy, prayers and fellowship of the saints.


Mandy decided to extend her stay so she can join Full Moon party. How nice to have someone help me hold Jordan for a while so I can eat and socialise.

Unfortunately, we forgot to get someone to take pics, so yea there really aren’t many worthy pics.


Then we had the baby dedication too performed by our Young Adults pastor, we always believe in dedicating every child to the Lord and to commit ourselves to bring Jordan up in God’s ways. Trying our best! Initially Josiah was a bit sad since all the attention from our friends went to Jordan, well thanks to Celeste for cheering him up. Every day is about trying to balance our attention to these two boys. I don’t understand how people are polygamous or cheat, it’s not easy to love three boys at the same time in my home. Felt like all my time is given to them, where’s me time? Oh yea, I am having me time right now blogging hehe.

So thank God for a wonderful one month of confinement, now I am ready to face the world, hard as it may be, as there won’t be much going out for me from now on.

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  1. Hi leona.. Happy belated full moon to your little baby… I am celebrating my baby 1yo soon. May i know which caterer you took for your baby full moon? Or did u cook? Hihi.. Tq..

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